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Forum on the development of forest paper industry: accelerating the development of forest paper industry in Honghe Prefecture on the morning of December 17, Luo Chongmin, Secretary of the State Party committee, presided over the Forum on the development of forest paper industry, listened to the report of Li Jun, chairman of Yunnan Tianwei pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., on the progress of the "forest (bamboo) pulp integrated construction project" in Maitreya county, and listened to the State Development and Reform Commission, the State Forestry Bureau, the Water Conservancy Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau After the main leaders of the Bureau of land and resources and other departments expressed their opinions on the development of the forestry and paper industry in Honghe Prefecture, Luo Chongmin pointed out that we should do everything possible to vigorously accelerate the development of the forestry and paper industry in Honghe Prefecture

Luo Chongmin pointed out that papermaking was invented in China in 105 A.D. and experienced nearly 1700 years of manual workshop production. The world's first paper machine was born in 1803. In 2003, the world's total output of pulp reached 338 million tons, of which wood pulp accounted for 70%, and the output of paper and paperboard was 340 million tons. Seven of the world's top 500 are paper products enterprises. The development of the world's paper industry shows the characteristics of economic scale, technology integration, resource intensification, product functionalization, cleaner production, forest paper integration and so on. China has become a large consumer of paper products through a series of transmission mechanisms and photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measuring device. Medium and high-grade paper products are in short supply and need to be imported from abroad. China's paper products market is in great demand. China's per capita consumption of paper and paperboard is 37 kg, only 66% of the world's per capita consumption. With superior climatic conditions, light, heat, water and soil elements matching and coordinating, and good plant growth conditions, our prefecture is very suitable for building fast-growing and high-yield forests. Our prefecture and surrounding areas are rich in forest resources, and there are good conditions for the development of forest paper industry

Luo Chongmin pointed out that the development of forestry and paper industry grinding and processing in Honghe has important strategic significance for accelerating the economic development of our state, transforming the mode of economic growth, and adjusting the economic structure, especially the industrial economic structure. It is of far-reaching significance for developing the rural economy, solving the "three rural" problems, increasing farmers' income, and accelerating the pace of poverty alleviation and prosperity of farmers in mountainous areas. It is also of far-reaching significance for accelerating the process of industrialization, promoting the development of urbanization Coordinating urban and rural economic development has practical significance. The provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of forest paper industry. All levels and departments should attach great importance to the development of the forest paper industry, give full play to their own advantages, and form a supporting force for the forest paper industry

Luo Chongmin pointed out that we should vigorously build a support platform for the development of forest and paper industry and support Tianwei Group to accelerate the implementation of the Forest Pulp integration construction project in Maitreya county. After Tianwei Group settled in our state, the "forest (bamboo) pulp integration construction project" has a stable start, fast action and good momentum, which is the result of the emancipation of the mind, coordination and active support of Maitreya county and relevant departments directly under the state, and the result of the hard work and hard struggle of Tianwei Group. We hope Tianwei Group will speed up the preliminary work of the project, do a good job in the construction of bamboo base, do a good job in environmental assessment, strive for the approval of the project as soon as possible with weak industrial technology innovation ability, start construction as soon as possible, and improve the construction quality. We will, as always, support Tianwei Group to do a good job in the preliminary work of the project and speed up the implementation process of the project

Luo Chongmin required that in order to vigorously develop the forest paper industry, we must unify our thinking, enhance confidence, and coordinate the industrial experiment of replacing the blast furnace with the reverberatory furnace to deal with high lead and bismuth containing materials; We must do a good job in planning, strengthen base construction, eliminate difficulties and implement the "first workshop" of raw materials; We must introduce strategic partners and rely on large enterprises for large-scale production; We must adopt advanced technology to optimize the mode of industrial growth, ensure the quality and efficiency of the first workshop of forest cultivation, and make use of the world's advanced papermaking equipment, technology and management methods; Comprehensive measures must be taken to implement the policy of Ecological Industrialization and industrial ecology, so as to achieve the best ecology and the least pollution; We must adjust the interest relationship between enterprises, farmers and local finance, and turn the forest paper industry into an industry that enriches the people and strengthens the state

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