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The Symposium on printing industry enterprises and media was held in Beijing

on March 12, 2008, the Symposium on printing industry enterprises and media jointly sponsored by China Printing Industry Association and China Publishing newspaper was held in Beijing. Wang Demao, executive vice president of China Printing Industry Association, Li Chen, deputy secretary general, Yao Yixian, deputy editor in chief of China publishing daily, and Wang Ling, editor in chief of printing and packaging weekly; Zhou Ping'an, general manager of Beijing Longda printing and Packaging Group Co., Ltd., Xie Shixin, assistant general manager of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., Hou Lixia, marketing manager of Beijing Branch of Shanghai aikefa photosensitive Equipment Co., Ltd., Xiu Cheng, assistant director of Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhou Xun, President of Beijing Book Printing Enterprise Association, Zhang Zhongyuan, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Printing Association, and other representatives of enterprises and associations in Beijing; More than 30 representatives from Beijing media such as print today, China printing, printing technology, printing manager, printing industry, printing industry trends, Chinese and foreign printing and packaging, Beijing printing information, printing machinery industry information, publishing newspaper, China Packaging News, China industry news, Bisheng, Huicong, and China India attended the Symposium. The meeting was chaired by Gao yingkai, Secretary General of the Information Working Committee of China Printing Industry Association. At present, China's printing industry has entered the era of digitalization and informatization, and the demand for the release and exchange of information within the industry should be 5-point information is increasing. How to timely and accurately release all kinds of printing industry information to the whole industry and society through the media, and promote the publicity of the media and the overall development of China's printing industry has both China and Belarus' R & D in the field of new materials The cooperation between production and market expansion will further accelerate the combination of machinery and land, which has become an important topic in the printing industry. The symposium provided a good communication platform for industry enterprises and media. Both sides put forward their doubts and suggestions, and looked forward to better mutual assistance and cooperation in the future. Wang Demao, the executive vice president, briefed the meeting on the priorities of the China Printing Industry Association in 2008. He said that the association should strengthen its work in two aspects in 2008: first, information circulation, which circulates the information of the printing industry, so that enterprises have more business opportunities, information can be selected, risks can be avoided in time, and finally benefits can be obtained; The other is information service. Through the platform of the association, we can strengthen the communication and cooperation between enterprises and the media. These two aspects of work are very important, which requires the active cooperation of enterprises and the media in order to implement the ultimate goal of promoting the development of the industry. At the meeting, everyone agreed that the industry media and enterprises have an inseparable relationship. The media is not only a bridge between enterprises and suppliers, but also a link between enterprises. Only by strengthening communication between enterprises and media can we better promote each other's development. Representatives from enterprises and associations pointed out that at present, there are some problems in the print media, such as content homogenization, insufficient reporting, hot spots are not prominent, and research is not in-depth. They hope that the print media can go deep into enterprises, report hot spots, and create their own characteristics. Representatives from the media introduced their own characteristics and the publication center, hoping to strengthen communication with enterprises in the future. It is reported that valuable information should be released according to the regulations of mechanical nameplate to change the standard and limit the diameter. In his summary, Deputy Secretary General Li Chen said that the media should pay attention to hot issues in the industry and interpret national policies in a timely manner. In addition, the industry media should also assume the responsibility of introducing overseas information to Chinese industry readers

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