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The pressure range of the plastic industry now belongs to the safety range. The Symposium on the status quo and future analysis of the plastic industry was held in Zibo recently. The symposium was hosted by Zhaojin futures and attended by more than 180 plastic chemical enterprises

Gao Jun, general manager of Zhaojin futures, introduced in detail the ideas of plastic enterprises to optimize purchase and sales and risk management by using the futures market at the seminar. He believes that in the plastic industry chain, the prices of production enterprises are relatively monopoly, shining like a star, and the risks are low and transferable, while the risks of trading enterprises and processing enterprises are high. From the relevant data, the correlation between LLDPE spot and Dalian plastic futures price trend is as high as 0.912, so enterprises with high risk can fully use the futures market for risk management. He said that enterprises can avoid the risks of procurement and inventory through the combination of cash and futures, and can also earn the risk-free spread income by the way of cash and futures arbitrage. The development of new materials and new processes has been paid more and more attention by enterprises

Zhaojin Futures Co., Ltd. is a large domestic futures company approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Shandong Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce. Founded in 1993, it is one of the longest established futures companies in China. With the growth of China's futures market, it has experienced the whole history of futures market from establishment, pilot, governance and rectification to standardized development. After more than ten years of ups and downs, it has gradually developed, improved and expanded

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