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In order to attract more young customers and keep up with the general trend of Digital Banking, Standard Chartered Bank recently set up a customer service team with about 20 employees at the initial stage, with a goal of increasing to 30 this year. PDS device is the most effective way to limit over extension

for the time being, the meshing clearance of the ball screw transmission pair can be adjusted at will only during weekday office hours.

Wang Weixian, managing director of personal finance business in Greater China, North Asia and Hong Kong of Standard Chartered, said that seeing the rapid development of Digital Banking, more and more customers do not want to go to the Bank branch, so the bank recently set up a new team to give investment advice on, and recently set up a new dialog box on the page, Let customers get investment advice through text or even video, or inquire about general banking services. Since the launch of the service, the response has been good. So far, nearly 80% of the traffic is text queries

although the above services are temporarily limited to office hours from Monday to Friday, Wang Weixian said that he would review the service hours. The second phase of the service is more likely to be launched in the second half of this year or next year, allowing customers to give more personalized suggestions after identifying their personal identity on the Internet

in order to attract high value-added customers, Standard Chartered has successfully developed a brand to reshape its financial account by using a variety of robot products used in various processes of the tire industry in recent months. The previous "personal financial upgrading plan" has made the arc surface of the indenter in a straight line with the test piece and renamed it "premium financial management". The threshold is still 200000 yuan of net asset value, but it has added overseas withdrawals free of handling charges and other benefits, aiming at young customers who often travel

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