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Standard equipped with full LED light source Tianjin 19 additional Audi Q8 experience

Audi announced its domestic product plan for the next five years, including the news that its new flagship SUV, Q8, will be launched in China in 2019. As early as June 5, Audi officially released that we can ensure that there is almost no quality difference between batches of products manufactured in different countries and at different times, and launched its new flagship SUV Q8 mass production version. The new car will be launched in Germany and other European markets in early July 2018. Referring to the two concept cars of ordinary version and sport performance version released previously, it is expected that the model setting after mass production will be expanded on this basis, and there will be Q8, SQ8, rsq8 and other derivatives

19 Audi Q8 consists of 7 different driving modes, including off-road mode. In the off-road state, the adaptive air suspension version will be displayed on the MI display for the driver's reference. On steep slopes of more than 6%, the hill descent control is supported by automatic brake input. The maximum speed is 30 km/h. the disc is lifted to the maximum, and the ground clearance can reach 254 mm. The ground clearance of the standard suspension version is 220 mm. The electronic chassis platform senses the inclination of the vehicle and displays the information in M

naturally, the lamp factory signboard cannot be hit on the flagship Audi Q8. The standard configuration is full LED light source. There are 24 independent LEDs in the optional HD matrix LED headlights, and the edge of the headlights is equipped with seven short and two long LED luminous elements, which further shifts the visual focus outward, trying to increase the body width of the SUV without using the wide body kit. Audi Q8 does not favor one over the other between the front and rear lamp groups. The tail lamp with the same three-dimensional design can also be equipped with HD matrix LED, and has 12 unique lamp strips

19 Audi Q8 is equipped with an upgraded navigation MMI system, which can provide intelligent destination suggestions according to previous journeys; You can also summarize experience according to driving time and road conditions. With the optional Audi connect technology key, you can enter the Q8 without a key. The owner can share the car with four other people, use Android to unlock, lock the car and start the engine. The standard personalization makes the pointer exactly coincide with the zero line of the dial. The setting allows the owner to store up to 400 priority parameters in his personal data, such as the driver's seat position, air conditioning settings or frequently used media and navigation destinations

the length, width and height of the 19 Audi Q8 are 4986/1995/1705mm, and the wheelbase is 2987mmmm. Compared with the Q7, it is 66mm shorter and 27mm wider, creating a crossover style. Due to the five seat layout, the riding space is naturally not to worry. It is the largest overseas industrial park that Chinese enterprises have participated in the construction of globally

in terms of power, Audi Q8 provided a 3.0T V6 diesel engine in advance, with a maximum power of 210Kw (286ps), a maximum torque of 600N · m, an officially announced 100 km acceleration time of 6.3s, and a top speed of 232km/h. In the later stage, 3.0T V6 gasoline engine models were added, and 48V light mixing technology was adopted, making a modest contribution to environmental protection

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