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Standard internal modules are the acceleration of China's mold industry

China is known as the "world factory". In the past five years, the global steel output has increased at a rate of 25%. The main reason is inseparable from China's strong steel demand, and China's economy has changed into a modern industrial economy. As the mother of China's manufacturing industry, the mold industry has an average annual growth rate of 17.3%, and even more than 20% in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. While the mold industry is booming, the competition in the industry is also increasingly fierce. Only mold factories with fast delivery, low price and high precision can be invincible. The standard internal mold is a powerful weapon that can shorten the manufacturing cost and molding cycle for mold manufacturers! In view of this, as the world's largest standard mold base manufacturer and mold special steel distributor, Longji group began to supply standard internal molds to Chinese customers at the end of 2004, trying to improve the competitiveness of mold manufacturers

types and performance of LKM standard internal modules

so far, Longji can provide six types of standard internal module products, namely: NAK80, lkm838h, lkm738h, lkm738, wy718, lkmp20 (improved version). Each type of product can provide 26mm, 31mm, 36mmgb/t16825 ⑵ 008 "inspection of static uniaxial testing machine", 41mm, 51mm, 61mm, 71mm seven standard thicknesses, the length range from 60mm to 240mm, the width range from 50mm to 180mm, A total of 4100 fancy designs are available for mold manufacturers to choose

◆ LKM standard internal module - NAK80

NAK80 is a popular medium and high-grade pre hardened ordinary plastic mold steel in Datong special steel, Japan, which is represented by Longji. It belongs to p21 steel. Its chemical composition is patented. After var (vacuum arc remelting) treatment, the steel is particularly refined and pure, which can reach spi-a1 level (3 μ m) Mirror polish level and fine etched texture. The heat treatment method of NAK80 is different from other ordinary pre hardened plastic mold steels. It adopts solid solution + age hardening treatment, and the residual austenite content is close to zero, so it can maintain a high degree of dimensional stability during use. The customer hardness is Hb, so it is not recommended to carry out conventional quenching and tempering treatment again. The heat treatment process is shown in Figure 1. Due to its special age hardening process, NAK80 must implement strict preheating of 300 ℃ - 400 ℃ before welding, heat preservation during welding and stress relief treatment of 450 ℃ - 500 ℃ after welding, so as to achieve perfect welding effect. NAK80 can be used for PP, ABS, PE, PS, PC and other adhesives without flame retardants in beer plastics. For communications with high requirements for polishing or etching, the distribution from county to rural areas can reduce 30% of fuel oil. The product shell mold or small household appliance shell mold can be used, but it cannot be used for the mold of corrosive adhesives

◆ LKM standard internal mold - lkm838h

lkm838h is a new type of P20 pre hardened ordinary plastic mold steel jointly developed by Longji and famous European steel mills. Maybe we can make some adjustments to some materials that constitute the internal structure of the aircraft, and the alloy composition is protected by patents

thanks to its balanced and reasonable alloy composition ratio, the thermal conductivity of lkm838h is 38W/m. ℃, ranking first in the high hardness P20 steel, which can not only reduce the loss of cutting tools during machining, but also significantly reduce the cost through the improvement and improvement of the system design, integration and manufacturing level of vanadium battery, so as to improve the production efficiency of injection mold, thus bringing tangible benefits to mold users. The metallographic structure of lkm838h is composed of uniform mixed phase of sorbite + bainite and granular carbide, and the degree of segregation is greatly reduced compared with din1.2738, so as to help the mold obtain an ideal surface processing state. Lkm838h has a delivery hardness of Hb, which can be directly engraved after delivery. It is unnecessary and not recommended to harden again. If you want to further improve the wear resistance of the mold, it is recommended to apply the surface soft nitriding treatment after the mold is tested and finalized. Low carbon equivalent makes lkm838h very easy to repair by welding. It has ultra-low welding thermal sensitivity and high thermal fatigue resistance. Using the correct welding process for argon arc welding repair can make the polishing and pitting effect of the welding area completely consistent with the substrate

lkm838h is suitable for making non corrosive plastic product molds requiring medium batch production, such as PP, ABS, PE, PS, etc; It is widely used in auto parts mold, shell mold of small and medium-sized household appliances, etc; It is also suitable for making high-strength sliders, templates and shaft mechanical parts

◆ LKM standard internal modules - km738h and lkm738

lkm738h and lkm738 are typical P20 + Ni type medium-grade pre hardened ordinary plastic mold steel, which can be directly engraved after delivery, and re hardening treatment is not necessary and recommended. If you want to further improve the wear resistance of the mold, it is recommended to apply surface soft nitriding treatment after the mold is tested and finalized

lkm738h and lkm738 have been marketed in China for more than 20 years, and are popular in the mold industry. They are suitable for the small and medium-sized batch production of PP, ABS, PE, PS and other thermoplastic engineering plastics without flame retardants. They are suitable for occasions that do not require high corrosion and polishing properties on the surface of molds. Due to its suitable price and relatively stable quality, it is widely used in the fields of toy molds, household goods molds, Wenyi product molds and shell molds of small and medium-sized household appliances

◆ members of LKM standard internal modules - wy718 and lkmp20 (improved version)

wy718 and lkmp20 (improved version) are the cheaper pre hardened ordinary plastic mold steel in the LKM standard internal module family. Their origin is China. Compared with many domestic steel products in the current mold steel market, wy718 and lkmp20 (improved version) have more stable performance and reliable quality under the strict 100% full inspection IQC and OQC quality control system of Longji. After delivery, it can be directly engraved into a mold for use, and it is not necessary or recommended to carry out re hardening treatment. If you want to further improve the wear resistance of the mold, it is recommended to apply soft nitriding treatment on the surface after the mold is tested and finalized

wy718 is applicable to the small and medium-sized batch production of non corrosive plastic molds for general applications, lkmp20 (improved version) is applicable to the lower mold and mold base of low-cost plastic molds for small batch production, and can also be used for tooling fixtures. Neither is applicable to plastic molds that require polishing and etching

standard internal modules speed up the mold industry

◆ standard internal modules help mold factories save material costs

mold steel is a special tool steel, and its smelting requires a large number of alloy elements. Due to the global shortage of resources, the cost of mold steel continues to increase, and the sales prices of steel mills are also rising. As the end-user of special steel, mold factories, under the pressure of layers, their profits are increasingly meager; Coupled with the increasingly fierce price war among the mold factories, the mold factories are even more overwhelmed. With its strong economic strength and modern machining equipment, Longji group launched LKM standard internal modules, which effectively reduced the cost of materials and machining costs for mass purchase and large-scale sawing and grinding. Its launch brought hope to mold manufacturers who urgently needed to reduce mold costs. Take lkmp20 (improved version) as an example: the minimum size is 26mm × 60mm × 60mm each piece with labor and materials as low as 12 yuan; Size 71mm max × 180mm × 240mm each piece of work package materials is 164.4 yuan, as low as 6.83 yuan per kilogram. P20 alloy steel can be bought at the price of ordinary medium carbon steel S55C (also known as trump). Various LKM standard internal modules are cheaper than the net weight of steel materials after gonging and grinding and finishing in the current market, and even black leather materials, which helps customers save 30%-40% of mold material costs to the greatest extent

◆ standard internal modules help mold factories shorten the delivery time

time is money. For China's mold industry with fierce competition, it is particularly important to take steps first. Mold factories with short delivery time, high quality and low cost can have the say and win stable customers and the next order. All varieties and specifications of LKM standard internal modules are in stock, which can be ordered today and delivered tomorrow; Raw materials and mold base suppliers can pick up goods immediately in each exclusive store; More importantly, the standard dimension has a positive tolerance of 0.1mm ~ 0.3mm in the thickness direction, a negative tolerance of only 0.01mm in the length and width direction, and a right angle tolerance of less than 0.01mm. It does not need to be processed in the plane again. It can be directly used in large and small die inserts, row inserts, wear-resistant blocks, sliding blocks, etc. the standard internal modules can save 25% - 45% of the processing hours of the mold factory and shorten the mold production cycle by 30% - 40%

taking the mold as an example, it has increasingly become a multi-functional communication tool representing the latest trend and fashion. The industry competition is fierce, the product life cycle is less than six months, the requirements for the shape are almost perfect, and any welding marks, fog spots, water marks and other defects on the surface of the plastic shell are not allowed; The product batch is less than 1million; Correspondingly, the mold industry is also facing a severe test. Mold design is becoming more and more complex, with the increase of thin-walled parts and small parts, and a large number of rows and sliders are used; The delivery cycle of molds is becoming shorter and shorter. The drawing and prototype period is 2 weeks, and the molding period is weeks. More mold makers have joined the mold industry, making the price of molds continue to "plunge". Using LKM standard internal mold to make molds and inserts can effectively improve the efficiency of mold making and cope with the rapidly changing mold market

◆ standard internal modules help mold factories establish a comprehensive standardization system

in the world, the standardization coverage of small and medium-sized molds is more than 80%, but in China, it is only 40% - 45%. In the 21st century, when there are many varieties of industrial products, small batch, personalized and fast cycle production, mold production cycle is becoming more and more important today, mold standardization is of greater significance. The standard mold base of Longji group has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As an inseparable whole, LKM standard internal mold and standard mold base have reason to believe that in order to improve the rapid response ability and competitiveness in the market economy, more and more enterprises will take the specification of LKM standard internal mold as the standard in the mold design stage, adjust the size of molds, inserts, sliders and other dimensions, and consciously use standard internal mold, Gradually develop the habit of comprehensive standardization to shorten their production cycle and improve competitiveness


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