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OTL lubricants Beijing first show new concept of asts leading the post market

OTL lubricants Beijing first show new concept of asts leading the post market

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on September 21, the 18th China International lubricants and Application Technology Exhibition opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. As the stage of OTL lubricant's 2017 brand debut, Donglian group brought the concept of asts post market omni-directional platform to the exhibition, and discussed the new concept of automotive after-sales with its counterparts in the lubricant industry. At the event, China Lubricant information () interviewed Mr. Chen Huaizhi, CEO of Donglian group, and Mr. Yang Zhidong, director of technology and product development, to understand Donglian group's exclusive views on the development of automotive aftermarket

launched in the Chinese market in 2016, the strength of the brand has developed steadily

otl lubricant brand has gradually taken root in the market in less than a year since it was officially launched in the Chinese market at the end of last year, and has developed provincial dealers in each province to create the best quality products and provide high-quality lubrication enjoyment and customer service experience

Mr. chenhuaizhi, CEO of Donglian group, said that OTL lubricants, as one of the core businesses of Donglian group, was deeply involved in the lubricant market. Through in-depth exchanges with dealers, it was found that some dealers today are different from the past. They not only want to make oil products, but also want to combine oil products with parts or maintenance centers, and Donglian group happens to have such advantages

Donglian group also has 30 years of experience in managing international brand automobile 4S stores and sensors such as OTL systems Donglian storage equipment and logistics products, OTL parts Donglian auto parts, OTL autolube, OTL service Donglian quick repair network: sensors are important components of the accuracy and force stability of experimental machines, which can provide support and help for dealers to better expand the market

dealers are the main force, and the power of e-commerce cannot be underestimated

from the current development situation, the whole lubricant market is changing and developing. In the first half of this year, the field of automobile maintenance and repair is developing in the direction of chain, branding and informatization. In the era of mobile Internet, e-commerce, as a force that can't be underestimated, is also the focus of OTL lubricant brand next

network marketing is a necessary direction. Customers understand that they are looking for products through networks. Ot6, flat sample clamping thickness: 0 ⑴ 5; Team l hopes to develop network marketing, cooperate with dealers to combine traditional sales with e-commerce, and operate according to the trend of the market

Donglian automotive aftermarket omni-directional platform concept

by virtue of this exhibition, Donglian Group officially launched the "aftersales service total solution" to the market, referred to as "Donglian asts platform"

there are obvious disadvantages in the current traditional automobile maintenance mode, which limits the development of the automobile aftermarket. By 2020, the scale of China's automotive aftermarket will reach 200billion US dollars. The future topic of the oil and maintenance industry should mainly be how to integrate resources

relying on its multiple advantages of brand, resources and products, Donglian group combines the 30-year management experience of Donglian group in international brand automobile 4S stores with the trinity of OTL lubricants and Donglian auto parts, strengthens management, assists in quick repair, and enables good products, good management, and good service concepts to develop in the post market, enriches the industrial chain, leads the trend of the automotive post market development, and faces future challenges

technological innovation helps the continuous development of the aftermarket

with the upgrading of vehicle emission standards around the world, this also poses new challenges to automotive aftermarket services. OTL lubricating oil continuously carries out service innovation and product technology research and development, helping China's automotive aftermarket develop towards intelligence, interconnection and environmental protection

otl lubricating oil's current product lines have passed the world's most advanced certification, meeting the requirements of the most advanced engines for exhaust emissions. In view of the comprehensive consideration of turbocharger oil consumption and other aspects, OTL lubricating oil high-end products are good choices for energy conservation and environmental protection, ensuring that in the process of use, they can prolong the service time, reduce oil consumption, and help save energy

Mr. Yang Zhidong, director of technology and product development of Donglian group, mentioned that long oil change cycle, cleanliness and helping users reduce costs and increase efficiency to a greater extent have become the general trend of global lubrication technology development. Donglian group has its brand 4S store, which can recommend different applicable series according to the requirements of different vehicles. For example, the Japanese American series is more fuel-efficient, while the German series is considering the increased protection of turbines and the protection of engines under high temperature and high pressure

in the future, OTL lubricants will add C-level certification, fuel saving certification and other enterprise lines with better product development according to the requirements of engines and the development of technology, consider technological innovation in post-treatment devices, particle traps and catalytic reduction, and continue to cooperate and innovate with suppliers such as additive suppliers, so as to meet the technical requirements of the most advanced environmental protection concept and bring more valuable lubrication experience to users

"continue to speak loudly for the high-end forces of the industry, and come for brand innovation and change!" It is hoped that OTL lubricants will uphold its commitment to the Chinese market, comprehensively promote the concept of an all-round platform for the sharp rise in the aftermarket solvent Market of Donglian asts, continue to enrich its product line, and allow more Chinese end users to enjoy the excellent performance and service experience of OTL high-end lubricants

Mr. Chen Huaizhi, CEO of Donglian group (left), Mr. Yang Zhidong, director of technology and product development (right)

cordial group photo with China Lubricant information

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