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Standard Chartered Bank has built a digital branch and 24-hour digital customer service in Taiwan

banks have successively invested in bank3.0, and Standard Chartered Bank has also spent $2million to build the first experiential digital branch in Taiwan, targeting high-end users to provide financial services. In addition, Standard Chartered announced last year that it would invest 1.5 billion US dollars in the development of financial technology and platforms within three years. On December 13, it spent US $2million (NT $60million) to build a digital branch, "Standard Chartered iwealth digital flagship", which was unveiled in the Dunhua North Road business department, showing Standard Chartered's determination to invest in digital finance bank3.0

the iwealth digital flagship, which covers an area of 280 square meters, breaks the traditional counter style of branches and designs six areas: digital reservation and reporting system, tea tasting area, silver experience area, iPad experience area, digital wealth management consulting and VIP room. Standard Chartered said that it should provide six-star wealth management services centered on customers

"most people go to the bank to deposit, withdraw and transfer, which can be completed at ATM. Now 80% of people don't need to go to the physical bank anymore." Lin Suzhen, head of personal finance at Standard Chartered International Commercial Bank, said that in order to adapt to such a trend, physical branches must make a transformation or breakthrough. She said that bank customers now have three requirements, the first is professional financial management consultation, the second is that they don't like lengthy waiting time, and the third is customized courtesy. Therefore, Standard Chartered established iwealth to fill the part that the traditional financial industry can't meet, so that customers have better technical requirements and not very high experience. However, iwealth currently mainly provides high-end customers with financial needs, and the net capital of the fixture used for special samples (finished products and semi-finished products) is about 3 million yuan or more

taking the digital reservation check-in system as an example, customers can make an appointment for services within 30 days at home. After getting the QRcode, go to the physical branch and scan it. The wealth management specialist will know that you have arrived at the branch and will directly provide services without waiting for a number card

Lin Suzhen also stressed that digital customer service is an experience that every customer can access. If customers can't get to the branch within the limited time, they can also use the road to connect with the branch specialist 24 hours at home to conduct digital customer service. Customers can choose the most comfortable way to provide consultation services through text, or video

Chen Mingqiao, general manager of Standard Chartered International Commercial Bank, said that compared with other Asia Pacific Financial regions, Taiwan occupies a large area and can easily not get the services of wealth management specialists. "Therefore, we can use road video to maintain the needs of customers."

in addition, Standard Chartered has also set up digital ambassadors in various branches to guide customers' needs and let them make good use of Standard Chartered's various online services. In order to make a complete transformation, Standard Chartered will also cultivate every employee to understand digital services and let them become professionals in digital services

Standard Chartered also wants to enter the mobile payment market

"Taiwan is a very important part of the Greater China strategy, tied with Singapore and Hong Kong." Chen Mingqiao, general manager of Standard Chartered International Commercial Bank, said that this is the first digital flagship center in the Asia Pacific region, costing us $2million. He also revealed that the second Standard Chartered iwealth digital flagship branch will be built in Taichung in the second quarter of next year

more importantly, Standard Chartered also announced that it will enter the mobile payment market next year and will launch mobile payment in the first half of the year, "Apple pay, Samsung pay, etc., Standard Chartered will not be absent." Lin Suzhen said

iwealth's silver experience area can obtain various silver services through video or text

in particular, digital financial management consulting. Customers who go to iwealth can go to their own small room to consult with financial management consulting experts by video. There are also two screens in the room, which can see the current asset allocation map and the asset allocation map after the manager has planned for customers because of the bad competition in the market

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