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Standard or customized? In recent years, the importance of standards in the LED display industry has become increasingly prominent, not only in product research and development, production standards and standardization, but also in the development of industry systems and norms. Not long ago, a number of "industrial standards" and "national standards" on LED display screens were adopted at the "2017 electronic industry standards review meeting and standards seminar" and the "national standards and industry standards review meeting and seminar for LED and application products" hosted by the China Institute of electronic technology standardization and the semiconductor lighting technology standards working group of the Ministry of industry and information technology, This also highlights the development and progress of China's LED display industry standards and standardization

"third rate enterprises make products and first-class enterprises make standards", which is a popular saying in China's manufacturing industry. The core meaning is that only when an enterprise has the right to formulate standards, it can be regarded as a first-class enterprise and be invincible

this statement is also highly respected in the LED display industry. However, with the development of the industry and the change of market direction, many standardized products or solutions do not seem to be welcome in the terminal market. Instead, customized and personalized things can be recognized by many terminal customers. Customization has become a major development trend in the next industry. Of course, while customization has created new air outlets, it has also brought many troubles to the industry. For example, with the popularity of customization in recent years, there are many specifications and types of customized products in the end market, which is not conducive to market product management, and it is difficult to measure in many aspects such as product light pollution detection and load-bearing, which hinders the process of product standardization

how can many LED display enterprises in the tide of industry transformation and upgrading coordinate the contradiction between the two, and make themselves into a first-class standard enterprise in the market environment where customization has become popular

it is better to redefine the "standard" according to the standard.

as we all know, the content of L is characterized by the inclusion of graphene and two-dimensional materials. Customized products or customized solutions in the ED display industry are usually "private models" by manufacturers, independent product R & D and innovation, and then produced on demand. Often, such production capacity cannot be achieved, which of course means that the price cannot be reduced, and the product market scale cannot be formed naturally, let alone the right to customize market product standards. As the insiders said, "customized products are difficult to move towards scale, because when your customized products move towards scale, they are not customized but conventional products..."

from the perspective of standardized products, it emphasizes product research and development, production standardization, from the supply of raw materials to checking whether the module application and product specification are correctly placed when clamping the jaw Brightness and so on all need "standard". Customization starts from the market to help customers realize the cumbersome process needs of replacing spraying and electroplating in the field of utilization, while standardization starts from the manufacturer's supply to require products. At first glance, it seems that the two are opposed to each other. Instead of being entangled in "whether to develop and produce according to standards", it's better to jump out and let your products become a new industry product standard and redefine the product standard! Domestically, the successful definition of product standards in

is the watershed between excellent enterprises and ordinary enterprises. Nestle defined instant coffee, BORANG defined reciprocating electric razor, Sony defined Walkman, and Microsoft defined office suite. Just as why many people first think of liad when the LED display industry mentions small spacing, it is not because his small spacing products are the first in the industry, but because it gives a clear product standard for small spacing, and this standard is also recognized and followed by other screen enterprises

the emergence of product standard definer will make a certain kind of products similar. It is not an inherent standard, but after its emergence, participants all follow it, because if you don't follow it, the end market will think you are unqualified. After Microsoft office, the office suite should include word processing, spreadsheets and presentations; After the iPhone, intelligence has become a large screen on the front, which can be operated directly by clicking with your fingers on the screen; After the small spacing, the process of LED display indoor market and even civil market (small spacing TV) has been started... The product standard definer who can be recognized by the market and industry must be the most creative and great company in the industry

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