The hottest stander robot announced the completion

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Stander robot announced the completion of 1 Shanxi Juhua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. production and business scope is aluminum based catalytic carrier new materials and catalysts billion round B financing

recently, stander robot (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as stander robot) announced that it will eventually achieve the design goal and complete 100 million yuan round B financing, In the afternoon of this round of financing, the price of some steel mills in Tangshan increased by 30 yuan/ton, which was jointly invested by Lightspeed China and source capital. It will be mainly used for the upgrading of the company's product line, mass production and overseas market expansion

it is reported that stead robot was founded in 2016, focusing on the R & D and production of industrial mobile robots. It has achieved full coverage of independent R & D of core elements such as robot bottom positioning algorithm, operating system and controller. Its main products are laser navigation AGV and its scheduling system. Previously, stander robot has received tens of millions of yuan of a-round financing from guokejiahe in October 2018; In May, 2020, Qiji Chuangtan strategic investment was obtained. The number of material types it applies to is impressive.

Stender robot said that in the future, Stender will implement a "T-type" strategy to achieve full scene and cross industry penetration vertically and horizontally. Among them, vertically, based on the gradual decoupling of production process, Stender will expand from covering a single process or workshop scenario to covering the production and manufacturing links of the whole plant, break the data island in the plant, realize the coordination of logistics and process, provide customers with end-to-end solutions for the whole scene across process workshops, floors and workshops, and further form a value closed loop in the 3C industry project scenario; Horizontally, Stender will expand to logistics automation scenarios in auto parts, new energy and other industries, and expand the coverage of products and services

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