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Shaanxi Automobile: "customer culture" practice CCTV shooting "protagonist"

Shaanxi Automobile: "customer culture" practice CCTV shooting "protagonist"

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recently, the photography team of CCTV's large documentary "Chinese people in Africa" arrived in Kenya to shoot Chinese funded projects and live and work in Africa. The Kenya NYS phase II project of AVIC international was selected as the shooting target. The service team sent by Shaanxi Automobile Company was highly recognized by the project management because of the sound of "customer culture", so it was stationed in 12 service manufacturers on behalf of the project and participated in the shooting of the CCTV documentary throughout the whole process

nys is the abbreviation of national youth service, which means "national youth service team" in Chinese. It is the first professional skills training institution to promote youth employment with the goal of mobilizing people to build homes and increasing people's employment rate after Kenya's independence. The first phase of the project is expected to be fully put into operation at the end of 2019 and started in 2009 in Jinan gold testing impact testing machine factory. At present, the second phase of the project has been carried out for one year, and 15000 young people with skilled skills have been trained for Kenya. The operation of the project was highly praised by Premier Li Keqiang in 2014. It can be described as a monument and Bridge symbolizing the bilateral friendly cooperation between China and Kenya

nys phase II project has 109 heavy trucks of our company. In September 2014, Shaanxi Automobile service team composed of zhangfuchun, caowentao and Ren dongshuai was stationed in this project. The biggest difference between NYS project and other projects is that it not only ensures the normal operation of vehicles, but also teaches students the correct maintenance, use and even repair. Facing the new challenges, the service team, under the guidance of Gou Guoshun, director of the Kenya office, determined the working idea of "taking customer needs as the guide, winning user recognition with effective services and winning subsequent orders in the market". On the NYS project, Shaanxi Automobile was the first to establish its own weekly meeting system within the team. At the weekly regular meeting, three service personnel either analyzed customer needs, or found gaps through self-analysis, or analyzed and debated technical issues. The persistent regular meeting system improved their service quality and awareness, and also established the brand of Shaanxi Auto's considerate service. Inspired by this, the NYS project team has also added a monthly meeting system to the management of after-sales manufacturers of mechanical equipment

in order to make the project team and the owner better understand the equipment operation status, Shaanxi Automobile service team took the lead in preparing and actively reporting the inspection results. When they realized that the owner couldn't read the Chinese version of the report and asked the person in charge of the project team to translate it into English one by one and send it to the owner, they immediately added the English version of the inspection report. Up to now, each inspection result is attached with an English version. The team's move moved the project leaders and owners very much. They believed that the service measures of Shaanxi Automobile promoted and standardized the project management system, so they determined their inspection report format as a common management model. When talking about this, service manager zhangfuchun once said with a smile, "we just thought we should consider doing service work from the perspective of the project team and the owner, but we didn't expect to be so recognized"

fluent English is the key to NYS project training, while most of the service personnel of the equipment manufacturer are not qualified in language. Most of the project personnel of AVIC international are from business background. Although English is good, they are not familiar with mechanical terms, so the training translation is very difficult, and the initial training effect is often unsatisfactory. In order to chew this hard bone, the youngest young general Ren dongshuai volunteered. Relying on his college English foundation, he simply mastered a sufficient number of commonly used professional terms in a short time by reading English dictionaries and consulting others with an open mind. He reached the appropriate level of listening, writing and speaking. He was highly praised by students in project training and became a benchmark in NYS project training. Due to a thorough understanding of customer needs and a good sense of service, Zhang Fuchun, Cao Wentao and Ren dongshuai have been affirmed and praised by the leaders of AVIC international for many times in the past year, and have been invited to participate in large-scale business activities held by partners in Nairobi for seven times

in the second half of 2014, in the interview and report of China on the NYS project of AVIC Kenya and the shooting of the promotional film of AVIC international large enterprises in the first half of 2015, Shaanxi Automobile service team participated in the shooting of the program as the protagonist of equipment support and technical training. During the CCTV documentary shooting, the Shaanxi Automobile service team was specially arranged by the leadership of AVIC international again. 6. When the project was subjected to alternating stress through a strict safety design table, many after-sales manufacturers participated in daily work guidance, theoretical training, practical training and other subjects. In the shooting process, a large number of heavy trucks of our company were used as the background. The good professional demeanor and professional technical guidance of our service personnel were not only praised by the leaders of AVIC international, but also highly praised by the CCTV shooting team. The documentary shot this time is expected to be broadcast in the second half of next year on CCTV, CCTV-2 and CCTV-9

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