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SGS joins zdhc's zero emission plan of hazardous chemicals

SGS joins zdhc's zero emission plan of hazardous chemicals

November 22, 2016

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recently, the 4th zdhc conference of stakeholders in the control of hazardous chemicals and green manufacturing was held in Shanghai, and SGS, the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification agency, attended the meeting, And exchanged views with guests and representatives on a number of issues

and has developed innovative polymer solutions for several key components of LED lighting

during this meeting, Dr. Jiang Hong, global textile technical director of SGS, and Xavier vital, manager of global environmental services, as members of the expert group, participated in the group discussion of production restricted substances list (mrsl), wastewater quality, audit agreement and research, data and information sharing, training and other links respectively, Combined with SGS' professional technical ability and rich practical experience in product quality management, this paper puts forward constructive suggestions on the application of zdhc in supply chain

sgs has officially announced the addition of the zero emission of hazardous chemicals (zdhc) program recently. Zdhc plan is a group composed of 22 contracted brands, 7 value chain related enterprises, and 4 associations. Zdhc is committed to the clothing and footwear industry. Its strengths are: high transformation power, long life, stable load and high control accuracy. It widely implements sustainable chemistry and best practices, and promotes zero emission of hazardous chemicals in the value chain of the clothing and footwear industry, thereby improving the environment and people's livelihood. Through this action, SGS will work with more than 20 leading brands to promote negative chemical management in the whole industry and provide continuous support for zdhc's vision, that is, to widely implement sustainable chemistry and best practices in the clothing and footwear industry to protect consumers, workers and the environment

sgs promises to complete this work with a collaborative and open attitude. SGS will actively participate in this project and work with zdhc, brands, retailers and all stakeholders to achieve the milestones set in the zdhc joint roadmap, and provide a wide range of services covering the SGS zero emission overall solution

sgs will rely on the globalization and multi domain technology platform (including environment, health and safety, global textile and footwear services, industrial chain evaluation solutions, and bluesign certification, etc.), SGS has created benefits; With our services and professional technical experience, we provide a full range of services and SGS zero emission overall solutions for industry stakeholders throughout the supply chain, from chemical suppliers to brands and retailers

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