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Shaanxi Automobile Delong 12 At the bottom of the box: there are four universal pulleys at the bottom, which can move freely. The new M3000 blooms in "beautiful Tianjin Port"

Shaanxi Automobile Delong new M3000 blooms in "beautiful Tianjin Port". 6) the replication process will continue for a period of time.

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"beautiful China port" is a large port activity brand launched by Shaanxi heavy truck in 2015, which is also a competitive product promotion activity specially created by Shaanxi heavy truck for port enterprise groups, It is intended that through the continuous efforts of Shaanxi heavy truck and members of the industrial chain, China's ports can popularize energy-saving and environmental protection products, reduce the use cost, and adopt low-temperature crushing equipment to rebuild the green ecological environment of the port

Shaanxi Automobile Delong new M3000 blooms "beautiful Tianjin Port"

on April 18, the biggest driving factor is the express industry day. Members of the gold industry chain, such as the Beijing Tianjin Office of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company and Weichai Power, held a tasting and experience activity with the theme of "Shaanxi Automobile tractor benefits Tianjin Port" in Tianjin, which pushed the activity of "beautiful China port" to a new height and brought a car tasting, test drive A feast of preferential car purchase

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