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Shaanxi Automobile's new muck truck hit the Mianyang market and then moved southwest

Shaanxi Automobile's new muck truck hit the Mianyang market and then moved southwest

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on June 16, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck environmental protection, safety, and intelligent urban muck truck hit Mianyang again. In order to make the sky bluer and reduce garbage pollution, 20 new environmental protection muck trucks of Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd., led by Chengdu Office, were successfully delivered in Mianyang anshunda Automobile Trading Co., Ltd

the sales manager and promotion manager of the Chengdu Office of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company explained to the users the daily maintenance of the vehicle and the use and safety of the vehicle, and patiently and carefully answered the questions raised by the users. The atmosphere in the whole conference room was particularly active, so that the users really felt the practicality of Shaanxi heavy truck muck truck. This activity has laid a solid foundation for Shaanxi Automobile to enter the Mianyang market. Jointly sing "join hands with Shaanxi Automobile New muck truck to create a blue sky and green land in Mianyang". At the subsequent delivery ceremony, 20 brand-new Shaan Auto's new muck trucks stood like a group of tigers, like a sword, not out of the scabbard, but the sword was unstoppable, like a rainbow, giving customers in Mianyang a kind of confidence and a kind of closeness

the new urban muck truck of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck adopts a fully enclosed large box, the motor drives the tarpaulin top cover, and the whole covering system is covered with wear-resistant cloth. The side of the wear-resistant cloth is firmly connected with the top of the side plate of the large box without leaving any gap, which can completely prevent the dumping of muck. Compared with the mainstream covering device in the existing market, the new scheme will greatly improve the sealing performance and reduce the cost by about 50%, The minimum division value of the same micrometer drum: 0.0625 μ M hour operation and control is easier, and the later maintenance and replacement are more convenient. In addition, in terms of vehicle body design, the integrated design of large angle skirt and side protection can prevent goods from staying on the vehicle body, tires, fuel tank and vehicle accessories during loading, making the appearance cleaner and more environmentally friendly

based on the current situation of the industry, according to the requirements of the fourth national emission regulation and the use of Tianxingjian intelligent management system, the new environmental protection muck truck of Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of low emission and tight sealing. Therefore, in the purchase process, it has no spilling, no omission, no soil accumulation, fine management, no blind area, and high safety. It is believed that in the near future, the blue sky in Mianyang will need to replace the oil pipes with higher strength, which will surely be an indelible contribution to the new muck truck of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck

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