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Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck takes the lead in the freight build-up number

Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck takes the lead in the freight build-up number

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on September 12, the freight build-up number (Harbin Station) activity sponsored by santongda intermodal logistics and co organized by Shaanxi Automobile was grandly held in Harbin Xilong logistics park. Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck took the lead in this event

as soon as the Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck array composed of Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck, which was dressed in red flowers and tall and powerful, appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of customers. In the on-site display, the scorching sun could not stop the enthusiasm of logistics friends. Many logistics drivers stopped one after another and surrounded Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck to watch. The staff of Shaanxi Automobile Harbin office gave a detailed explanation of Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 products, and the drivers couldn't help nodding and praising

Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck takes the lead in the freight assembly number

the freight assembly exhibition was grandly held in the main venue Harbin Xilong logistics park. Activities such as the lecture hall of the United Nations games, knowledge classes, resource matchmaking meetings, happy post stations, and vehicle sales promotion are wonderful. Sharing, communication, logistics people gathered here, and ideas collided here. Dozens of elites from the logistics industry and related industries from Shanghai, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Beijing and other places attended the meeting to share experience and exchange ideas

extreme drift experience truck feast

Harbin Xilong logistics park has become a sea of joy. Although the venue was limited, the Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck stunt team overcame all kinds of difficulties and performed a series of truck extreme actions such as snaking around piles, 180 ° drift, double vehicle drift, etc. for the users present, which perfectly reflected the excellent quality and comfortable handling of Shaanxi Ruo machine in standby mode. Sometimes end to end, like a giant dragon moving forward; Sometimes the queue changes, such as the galloping of horses, during which there are more thrilling and exciting vehicles running side by side. Once this technology is implemented in China, it will produce huge social and economic benefits. The stunt performance is extremely wonderful, the atmosphere on the scene is enthusiastic, and the strong visual impact causes the audience to cheer. After the experience, the on-site customers called it "enjoyable and exciting", and were also impressed by the excellent quality of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck and the comfort of the cab

the display experience won praise from customers

in the truck exhibition area, an endless stream of customers came to the Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck booth to watch and consult. At the event site, the staff of Shaanxi heavy truck Harbin office gave users a "720 ° customer full experience" walkaround explanation, focusing on the Shaanxi Delong X3000 high-end tractor. Delong X3000 product is a brand-new high-end tractor built by Shaanxi heavy truck for medium and long-distance standard load and dangerous goods transportation. It aims to establish a new standard for long-distance standard load transportation industry, and achieve six breakthroughs in fuel economy, light leather, durability, ease, safety and intelligence, Realize the seamless connection between products and services, reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle by 10.2%, and the deadweight industry is the lightest on August 16 7 tons, which has been verified by the road test of 12million kilometers, and the comfort has been improved by 55%. It has set a new standard for medium and long-distance standard load trucks, and provides customers with an overall solution based on the whole product life cycle. Through the on-site explanation, the guests not only experienced the excellent quality of Delong X3000, but also won the unanimous praise of test drive users. Logistics company bosses have said, "in the future, Shaanxi Delong X3000 heavy truck will be the first choice for car purchase."

Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 heavy truck, as a model of few high-end products with real production strength in the industry, undoubtedly provides customers with high-end and cost-effective transportation tools. With the popularity of Delong X3000 products in Harbin, it is bound to blossom in the northeast. More customers will experience the excellent performance of Delong X3000 products and enjoy the unique value it brings

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