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On December 10, 2014, the delivery ceremony of 20 LNG terminal tractors of Shaanxi Automobile was held in Yingkou port, Liaoning Province. Shi Xiaojun, director of Shenyang Office of Shaanxi Automobile sales company, Qu Jiafeng, manager of Technology Department of Liaoning Yingkou Port Group, Wang Chaohui, manager of trailer department, Zhou Hao, general manager of Liaoning Hongyun automobile trade, and other leaders attended the meeting

Shaan automobile Da Dan 20 LNG terminal tractors were delivered to Yingkou Port

Shaan automobile terminal tractors won the favor of Yingkou Port customers with unparalleled advantages in energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and so on. As the dock tractor is used in a special environment thanks to the care and convenience given by the Chinese side in transit transportation, it has a short driving distance, needs frequent starting, continuous turning, low-speed and heavy load, which requires higher requirements for the vehicle's bridge, suspension, transmission and vehicle operation manual, software operation manual, certificate of conformity, packing list, random tools and other plates than ordinary vehicles, and higher requirements for safety and reliability

the tractor cab of Shaanxi Automobile wharf adopts an advanced thick wall and anisotropic tube closed skin skeleton structure. The steel plate is thick, forming an armored safety protection, which is firm and durable

according to the working conditions of port operation with multiple bends and frequent start-up braking, combined with the characteristics of Yingkou port in Liaoning Province and the needs of customers, the tractor of Shaanxi Automobile terminal is matched with Weichai natural gas engine, energy-saving and environmental protection, the main engine rotates electrically and has strong power, the fast full-automatic transmission, automatic intelligence, and stable transmission of strong power. The golden power assembly fully meets the high requirements under the working conditions of the terminal, and the performance of the whole vehicle is advanced, Specially designed for the port

Liaoning Yingkou Port Group purchased 55 diesel version offset wharf tractors from Shaanxi Automobile in 2010, and purchased 20 LNG wharf tractors again this time, which fully reflects its trust in the products and services of Shaanxi Automobile wharf tractors. As qujiafeng, manager of the technical department of Liaoning Yingkou Port Group, said at the delivery ceremony, "Shaanxi Automobile has set up a service station in Yingkou Port District and a service point specially set up near the company, so as to meet the needs of customers for on-site service at any time. The annual sales volume of US $30million will solve our worries in the process of use. It is precisely this point that we purchase Shaanxi Automobile terminal tractors again, and the quality and service are trustworthy."

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