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Shaanxi Automobile fanghongwei 2015 New Year message: be ready to exceed your dreams

Shaanxi Automobile fanghongwei 2015 New Year message: be ready to exceed your dreams

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on this occasion of farewell to the old and welcome the new, on behalf of the company's leadership, I would like to extend sincere greetings and holiday wishes to all employees, family members, retired employees, and leaders and partners at all levels who care about and support the cause of Shaanxi Automobile! Wish you all a happy New Year

in 2014, Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. seized the development opportunities provided by the national strategy of "one road and one belt", relying on Shaanxi's planning concept of building the automobile industry into a pillar industry, focused on the goal of 100 billion yuan, and vigorously promoted transformation and upgrading. Under the adverse background of the decline of the industry, Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. innovated and made progress, and its sales revenue exceeded 40 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 17.5% Literature link: in plane strength enhancement of laminated composites via aligned carbon nanotube interlaminar reinforcement 6%, the profit growth rate reached 46.77%, the market share increased by 1.1 percentage points year-on-year, and the development quality and operating efficiency of the enterprise reached a new level

in 2014, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. based on manufacturing, increased investment in science and technology at the front end, strengthened service coordination at the back end, and doubled the momentum of innovation and development. With a keen sense of market demand, we have successfully built a post market service system with logistics and supply chain as the main body and finance and car service information services as the two wings, realizing the perfect integration of science and technology, manufacturing and service. The o2o wheel rolling platform, which focuses on the whole life cycle of products and the whole process of customer operation, has successfully operated. The new business model characterized by product and service collaboration has been widely recognized by the market, forming a new industrial chain ecosystem that meets customer needs, exceeds customer expectations, and achieves symbiosis and win-win results

in 2014, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. reasonably laid out the international market, accelerated the import of value-added services, and promoted the transformation from simple export trade to industrial internationalization. The export volume continued to rank in the forefront of the industry; The new energy sector has accumulated a lot. The sales volume of LNG heavy trucks exceeded 15000, with a year-on-year increase of 36.4%, and the market share reached more than 45%. The ranking continued to lead the industry and became the market leader again; Build a positive development system, promote the adjustment of product structure, and further highlight the transformation advantages; Taking the end as the beginning, not forgetting the original intention, rectifying the style of cadres, tempering the staff, reshaping the corporate culture, making new breakthroughs in Party building, which has been highly affirmed by the leaders of the provincial Party Committee... The cumulative changes over time have converged into a majestic force for progress, reflecting the direction of Shaanxi Automobile people in pursuing their dreams

the new year contains new opportunities, with heavy harvest, let us fly new dreams

in 2015, the reform entered the deep-water area, and we may encounter storms every step we take. In the future, China's economy will bid farewell to the era of scale and speed, and a new normal that pays more attention to the quality and efficiency of development is coming to us. We can perceive the vastness of the development trend, and we can have an insight into the small pulsations of the economic law. We are ready to know, follow and respond! We are ready to welcome the era of big data and big logistics with a more open attitude, promote enterprises to improve quality, efficiency and level with more firm confidence, and achieve the 100 billion goal and sustainable development with a more pragmatic attitude

since the implementation of the service-oriented manufacturing strategy, Shaanxi Auto people have been passionate about pursuing transformation and daring to be first! Today, after five years of cultivation, the development mode of service-oriented manufacturing has taken root and sprouted within the enterprise, and the transformation advantages generated by this are constantly emerging. We are closer to the 100 billion goal than ever! In order to complete the important task of leapfrog development of enterprises, in 2015, we will further optimize the enterprise scientific and technological innovation system of "demand driven and technology driven", improve the industry university research cooperation platform, carry out applied technology research, and cultivate leading product technology advantages; We will give full play to the advantages of the new business model of effective coordination of products and services, promote the full implementation of the overall solution in the market segments, consolidate the advantageous markets and break through the weak markets; We will seize the opportunity of the national "the Belt and Road" construction, adjust and improve the business layout of the international market, increase investment in products, services, network data storage and other aspects, and consolidate the foundation for the great development of the international market. As long as we show the courage to open up the mountains, the enthusiasm to get rid of our arms, the courage to act steadily, work hard and make progress, we will be able to achieve the 100 billion goal as soon as possible

the sea is wide with fish jumping, and the sky is high with birds flying. Facing an interconnected world, perhaps only by opening up our horizons can we better understand the reform mind of enterprises; In the face of the development situation of competing for the best, perhaps only reform and innovation can write a new development legend. Let's get ready to surpass our dreams! Let's get ready for a thousand sails

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