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The 10000 ton industrial coating automation workshop was completed in Changzhou. On May 16, 2006, on the eve of May 1, 2006, the domestic first-class automatic production workshop with an annual output of 15000 tons of industrial coating was completed and put into operation in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. This project was built by the national coating engineering center and Jiangsu Hongye Coating Technology Industry Co., Ltd. with the support of Jiangsu Provincial Science and technology department and the smooth shipment of the Ministry of science and technology so that it was unable to accurately calculate the upper and lower compliance points. The impact workshop will provide demonstration production equipment and product management system for strengthening China's coatings from the aspects of process, equipment, variety and control

the total construction area of the industrial coating automatic production workshop is more than 3000 square meters. There are three sections: mixing of ingredients, grinding and dispersing, and color matching and packaging. The pneumatic ball valve and relevant delivery pump are automatically opened by the computer to deliver the liquid materials to the mixing tank. The weight of the liquid materials is automatically weighed by the weighing module attached to the mixing tank, and the relevant valves and delivery pump are automatically closed after the set weight is calculated before arrival. The solid materials are weighed by the electronic scale and sent to the mixing tank after being confirmed by the computer; After the batching process is completed, all weighing data will be automatically recorded by the computer, and the motor will be started for automatic mixing

the whole production process of each unit operation and more than 80 sets of production equipment from formula process operation, liquid raw and auxiliary materials feeding, device startup and control to product canning in the workshop are automatically controlled and recorded by computers, realizing the paperless research and lean and refined work. The automation degree and informatization level of production process are first-class in China

it is reported that the new workshop is the industrialization base of the national paint Engineering Center. The national coating engineering center was approved by the Ministry of science and technology three years ago. Relying on the construction of Changzhou coating Chemical Industry Research Institute of Sinochem with strong scientific research strength, all acceptance work can be completed within this year. At that time, the center will undertake the task of national coating industry technology development and service platform

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China Coating Industry Association, Baosteel, WISCO, Pangang, Masteel, Jigang, Chengdu color steel and other construction application units as well as a number of world-renowned raw and auxiliary material suppliers participated in the completion ceremony of the automated paint workshop

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