The hottest 100 Jiefang heavy dump trucks exported

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100 Jiefang heavy dump trucks exported from Xinjiang to Kazakhstan in July, we tried to push the technology forward on the 22nd and 24th, Xinjiang Sanbao Industrial Group Co., Ltd. exports 100 Jiefang J6 heavy-duty trucks from baktu port to Kazakhstan in two batches. It only needs to change the valve port direction and opening size of the parallel digital valve to realize the change of tensile stress and compressive stress. It is reported that this is the first batch export of Jiefang J6 heavy dump truck from Xinjiang to Kazakhstan

nekoman company, the buyer of Kazakhstan, purchases these 100 heavy dump trucks, which are mainly used for the transportation business of copper mines subordinate to "Kazakhstan copper building materials industry chain group". Due to the large volume of transportation business in the mining area, the company has great potential to purchase transportation vehicles in the later stage

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