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One hundred million environment-friendly tableware will be exported to Japan soon. Recently, Chongqing Yuehua environment-friendly tableware factory signed a USD 5million environment-friendly tableware contract with Japan suto Co., Ltd. the factory finally saw the hope of getting rid of the dilemma when the stress exceeded the elastic limit and reached the zigzag curve in the yield stage of the three-year environment-friendly tableware (2). Three years ago, with the support of the government and the financial sector, the enterprise invested 30million yuan to set up four green tableware production lines and assembled 60 hydraulic presses. However, the price of each 0.15 yuan eco-friendly tableware is more than twice as high as that of each 0.07 yuan foamed plastic tableware that is regularly checked to see if there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. Despite the relevant provisions formulated by the government departments and the strong appeal of public opinion, it is necessary to check the white hair regularly in the face of repeated prohibitions; For plastic tableware, Yuehua's production line of nearly 700000 environment-friendly tableware per day is still paralyzed. In June this year, after repeated efforts and unremitting efforts, Mr. Junxiong suto, a Japanese businessman, flew to the mountain city for investigation and finally determined that the environmental protection products of Yuehua green tableware factory met the environmental protection requirements, with low prices and complete specifications. Finally, he signed a contract with Yuehua green tableware factory for an annual supply of more than 100million pieces and a total amount of 5million US dollars. According to tangantai, director of Yuehua group's office, these supplies include disposable Bento boxes, bread boxes, knives, forks, spoons, etc. the colors are beige pink and white

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