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100% degradable plastics have passed the examination and approval of experts

the new plastic products produced with fully degradable plastics are expected to replace the current traditional plastic products in the next few years, so as to completely solve the white pollution problem that has plagued people for a long time. This technology has been developed in Yangling Agricultural Demonstration Zone, China, and has passed the examination and approval of experts entrusted by the State Bureau of quality and technology appraisal to China National Packaging Corporation. This technology, called "biodegradable starch resin", was successfully developed by Professor Lianhua, an expert of Yangling Wolin international degradable resin development Co., Ltd. and his research team after years of exploration and extensive application verification. It is reported that the principle of this technology is to physically combine degradable starch and non degradable plastics in a certain proportion after they are crushed to the nanometer level through specially developed equipment. This technology can be used to produce dozens of products similar to the original ordinary all solid film secondary batteries, such as 100% degraded agricultural film, disposable tableware, various packaging bags, etc. crystal materials are used as positive active materials. At present, yanglingwo international degradable resin development Co., Ltd. has started mass production of this product, resulting in tortuous screw production, and has formed an annual production scale of 30000 tons

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