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Zhejiang's 10trillion investment plan has 1000 major projects of

10trillion yuan, which is the investment blueprint that Zhejiang will draw in the next five years. This figure is also 2.5 times the 4trillion yuan economic stimulus plan issued by the State Council at the end of 2008

10 trillion yuan, which is the investment blueprint that Zhejiang will draw in the next five years. This figure is also 2.5 times the 4trillion yuan economic stimulus plan issued by the State Council at the end of 2008

recently, the Zhejiang provincial government issued the notice on printing and distributing the "411" major project construction action plan for expanding effective investment in Zhejiang Province (2013-2017) (hereinafter referred to as the notice). In the next five years, the province will focus on promoting the construction of more than 1000 provincial major projects, driving the investment in fixed assets of the whole society to exceed 10trillion yuan

up to now, the list of major construction projects in the province has included 12 cities including Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Jinhua and Zhoushan, involving more than 10 industries, a total of 828 projects, with a total investment of 4204.2 billion yuan, of which the planned investment amount in 2013 is 609.1 billion yuan

according to the statistics of the business daily, the total investment of RMB 90.804 billion in 57 projects of 44 listed companies, including Haining Picheng, Wolong Electric, baoxiniao, Xianju pharmaceutical and Nanyang Technology, has become part of the "411" plan

According to the notice, Zhejiang Province hopes to promote the "four trillion" projects through the construction of "411" major projects, that is, the trillion industrial transformation and upgrading project, the trillion infrastructure improvement project, the trillion urban and rural construction project, and the trillion public service improvement project

among them, the trillion yuan industrial transformation and upgrading project has completed more than 5trillion yuan of industrial investment in the whole society in five years, focusing on promoting about 700 major provincial cooperation projects; Trillion yuan infrastructure improvement project, complete the whole society's infrastructure investment of more than 1.5 trillion yuan in five years, and focus on promoting about 300 provincial major projects; A trillion yuan urban and rural construction project, with more than 1.5 trillion yuan of social investment in urban and rural construction completed in five years, focusing on promoting about 100 major provincial projects; The trillion yuan public service improvement project will complete the whole society's public service investment of more than 1trillion yuan in five years, focusing on promoting about 200 provincial major projects

Zhejiang Province proposed that expanding effective investment is a long-term strategy and a major measure for the province to maintain sustained, healthy and rapid economic development and accelerate transformation and upgrading

Hangzhou launched 373.9 billion yuan project

according to the "411" major projects of expanding effective investment in Zhejiang Province in 2013 (Draft for approval) released by the development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Jinhua, Zhoushan and other 12 cities involve equipment manufacturing, automobile, ship, chemical medicine, steel, strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries, headquarters economy, trade and convention, modern logistics, tourism, culture More than ten industries, including scientific and technological information, circular economy and other traditional advantageous industries

according to statistics, Hangzhou plans to invest a total of 373.9 billion yuan in 59 projects, of which the total investment in Hangzhou urban complex project is 90billion yuan. It is planned to build a formula complex for calculating cardboard strength in Kerry Center, Metro Wulin Square Station, WULITANG, Gongshu, canal, finance and other cities during 2013-2020. This year, it is planned to invest 5.11 billion yuan to complete the construction of the basement of Kerry Center, the main construction of Zhongda Shengma square, the decoration of the complex of Jiubao east station and the purchase of equipment

the investment amount is closely followed by Hangzhou municipal road construction projects, including 12 projects such as Hangzhou Jiubao bridge south connection project, with a total investment of 50billion yuan. It is expected to be completed in 2017, and 2.08 billion yuan will be invested in the year

the newly started projects in the early stage include the expressway from Xiasha interchange to Jiangdong Bridge around Hangzhou, the express transportation hub base (east area) and supporting apron project of Xiaoshan International Airport, China Youth ball training base, Alibaba Alipay headquarters project, Shentong smart light economy complex of China (Tonglu) express service Industrial Park, etc

among them, the 20.8km long test section of Hangzhou Metro Line 4, with a total investment of 14billion yuan, is expected to be completed in 2015. This year, 750million yuan will be invested to take the lead in completing the bidding for shield construction in the north section of Metro Line 4 phase I Project (Jinjiang station Pengbu station), and comprehensively carry out shield interval construction in the north section of Metro Line 4 phase I project. After completion of Guanhe station, it is decided whether to enter transistor switching power amplifier, main structure construction of Genshan Road station and Jingfang Road station, etc

44 listed companies launched 90billion yuan investment projects

in the "10trillion" investment schedule of Zhejiang Province, there are also many listed companies in Zhejiang

according to the statistics of the business daily, 57 investment projects of 44 listed companies have been listed in the "411" major projects of Zhejiang Province for measuring the expansion of effective investment in 2013. The total investment amount reached 90.804 billion yuan, and the planned investment amount during the year was 19.79 billion yuan, most of which were local listed companies in Zhejiang

these investment projects are distributed in machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, medicine and biology, chemical industry, electronics, household appliances, metals, textiles and clothing, commercial trade, public utilities, financial services and other major industries

in the mechanical equipment industry, Jinlong electromechanical started the "capacitive touch screen sensor project" this year, with a total investment of 380million yuan. It will be completed in 2015. Within this year, 90million yuan will be invested to complete the implementation of the main project

in the pharmaceutical sector, Xianju pharmaceutical also launched the "API industry upgrading and construction project" within this year. The project will produce 460 tons of steroid hormone series API products annually, with a total investment of 650million yuan. It is expected to be completed in 2017. During the year, 90million yuan was invested, the project approval was completed in the third quarter, and the construction started in the fourth quarter

in the electronics sector, Nanyang Science & Technology Zhejiang Nanyang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.'s "annual 16000 tons of optical film for LCD and 5000 tons of polyester film for capacitor" also started civil construction and production equipment procurement this year. This project with a total investment of 570million yuan will be completed within two years

in the ferrous metal sector, Jiuli special materials invested 500million yuan to launch the "U-shaped tube bundle components for nuclear advanced pressurized water reactor steam generator, temperature, pressure and corrosion resistant seamless high-end oil and gas transmission well pipe and high-end metal composite pipe project" within this year. The project has an annual output of 700 tons of U-shaped tube bundle components and reactor internals for nuclear advanced pressurized water reactor steam generator. The high-end products produced are mainly used to replace imported products for deep oil wells For oil and gas transmission and other purposes, it is expected to invest 100million yuan to start construction in 2015

in the garment industry, Aokang international will invest 1billion yuan in the "project of using digital intelligent green technology to produce 30million pairs of high-end high-quality leather shoes per year", which will be completed in 2017. Within the year, 100million yuan will be invested to start the construction of the main plant works

listed companies from other places have gathered in Zhejiang's "10trillion" investment plan

the largest amount of investment is Zhejiang Pharmaceutical's "Changhai biological industry project", with an investment of 7.8 billion yuan. After the project is completed, it will produce life nutrition, export preparations and innovative drugs. This year, it will invest 1.3 billion yuan to reach the first phase of the comprehensive production plan

following Zhejiang Pharmaceutical, Haiyue Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 6.25 billion yuan in its "1.38 million T/a propane and mixed C4 utilization project of new materials". The project will invest 2.6 billion yuan this year and will be fully qualified for commissioning at the end of the year

some listed companies in other provinces and cities also participated in the "10trillion" investment plan in Zhejiang, including CSR, Huadian International, Guodian power, ICBC and other large listed state-owned enterprises

for example, CSR invested 450million yuan in the "Hangzhou CSR rail vehicle maintenance and assembly base project". In the first phase of the project, a total of 200 new metro and intercity vehicles will be assembled per year. In the second phase, the annual production capacity of Metro and intercity vehicle UN wheeling repair and overhaul will be increased. This year, it will invest 320million yuan. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be completed and the project will be put into operation

ICBC invested 1.6 billion yuan to build the "Zhejiang branch financial and commercial building", which covers an area of 196700 square meters and is expected to be completed in 2015

in addition, several projects of Geely Automobile listed in Hong Kong have been included in the "10trillion" investment plan, "Geely 7dct transmission production project". The project has an annual output of 500000 7dct transmissions, with a total investment of 2.1 billion yuan. The construction will start this year

Zhejiang's asset investment has entered a high-speed growth period

"I have participated in some work. It should be said that we will only discharge these projects on the basis of determining the source of funds. These figures have been thoroughly calculated, and there is no big problem with the funds." Zhuoyongliang, director of Zhejiang Institute of development and reform, said in an interview that the funds for these major projects consist of three parts: first, financial investment; Second, the introduction of private capital. Zhejiang is studying a return mechanism to optimize private investment, so that private capital can make money from investing in major projects. If there is a major breakthrough in this area, abundant private capital will come in; Third, financing through various channels, including bank loans, bonds and other direct and indirect financing

zhuoyongliang said that before 2004, the investment in fixed assets of the whole society in Zhejiang increased rapidly; After that, due to various factors, the growth rate of fixed asset investment slowed down; Since 2010, Zhejiang's fixed asset investment has accelerated significantly. In recent years, Zhejiang provincial Party committee and government have attached great importance to fixed asset investment. In the first quarter of this year, Zhejiang Province's fixed asset investment was 354.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.8%, and the growth rate accelerated by 5.8 percentage points year-on-year

driven by the acceleration of fixed asset investment in Zhejiang Province, in the first quarter of this year, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Zhejiang Province was 726.15 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% over the same period last year at comparable prices, and the growth rate rose by 1.2 percentage points year-on-year

Yaozheng, a professor in the Department of accounting and financial management of the school of management of Zhejiang University, said that the new fixed asset investment has a direct effect on GDP. However, Zhejiang's 10trillion yuan investment plan is not completely new. Different from the 400trillion yuan investment plan of the State Council in 2008, the money for investment projects in Zhejiang's plan is not all from the government. Among them, there are many enterprises' funds. The projects of these enterprises were originally planned to be invested, but were included in the plan under the guidance of the government. The government has played a good coordinating role in it

he believes that the 10trillion investment plan has given a certain boost to Zhejiang's economy, but it is still difficult to estimate how much the GDP will increase. (cuiqiu)

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