Wallpaper industry consumers are the foundation of

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Wallpaper industry consumers are the foundation of marketing f

enterprises win consumers by products, and product development is the primary condition of enterprise marketing. Enterprises need to maintain and improve their market share by constantly developing new products

overcapacity, serious product homogenization, lack of industry standards, chaotic channel management, etc., have restricted the development of the wallpaper industry and put enterprises in trouble

in view of the current market environment, wallpaper enterprises should take some effective marketing measures according to the situation. Insiders said that no matter how the market environment changes, enterprise marketing should return to the source of consumers

attach importance to product research and development

what enterprises rely on to win consumers is products, and product development is the primary condition of enterprise marketing. Enterprises need to maintain and improve their market share by constantly developing new products

there are great differences in customs, aesthetic concepts and consumption habits in various regions of China. Enterprises need to create differentiated products according to different regional characteristics to meet the needs of different consumers

there is a self-employed household who manages spicy Fushou screws for a living. The spicy Fushou screws he makes are almost household names in Chongqing. He believed that his characteristic products were the only reason for customers to visit. At the same time, he was no longer satisfied with the operation of a small store and hoped for greater development, so he began to open a branch in Beijing. As a result, the door was deserted and the business was dismal. At first, he thought that the poor sales was due to the low popularity, so he came to the publicity company to strengthen the publicity, but it had little effect. Later, he finally realized that it was not the bad products but the local consumers who did not accept the taste of their products. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the original characteristics, he improved the products according to the characteristics of local consumers, thus winning a big victory

wallpaper enterprises should do the same. For example, the weather in the south is relatively humid, and consumers pay more attention to the moisture-proof function of products. When facing the southern market, enterprises should develop wallpaper products with this function, so as to win consumers

to meet consumer demand as the center

in the process of product sales, sales channels play a very important role. Philip Kotler, the authority of American marketing, pointed out: "marketing channels refer to all enterprises or individuals who acquire the ownership of certain goods or services or help transfer their ownership when they move from producers to consumers." In short, marketing channel is the specific channel or path of the transfer of goods or services from producers to consumers

there are two bathrooms near a community. One boss is surnamed Qian and the other boss is surnamed Li. Business has always been good and the source of customers is stable. However, in recent years, coal prices have soared, personnel wages have risen, and costs have increased, so cost saving has become the focus of the two bathrooms

through observation, boss Qian found that no customers came after 9 p.m. every day, but customers liked to lie in the bathhouse and chat after taking a bath. They didn't go back until midnight. This period of time was equivalent to burning coal for twoorthree hours in vain, so boss Qian turned off the stove from 9 o'clock. In this way, without heating, customers have to go home obediently, thus saving a lot of costs

however, as a result, there are fewer and fewer customers. Old customers have gone to boss Li's bathroom. Boss Qian was very confused, so he went to consult boss Li

after several twists and turns, boss Li revealed the mystery: everything should start from the needs of customers. It turned out that boss Qian turned off the fire and the customers were naturally unwilling to go home without the heating. However, boss Li was better at it. He analyzed the customers' need for "warmth" and increased the fire after 9 o'clock. Although the customers were too hot to stand, they also went home, but their psychology was satisfied

the same sales channel has different perspectives. A one-sided understanding of sales from their own perspective; On the other hand, from the perspective of consumers, taking meeting consumer needs as the benchmark, it has received different results with the same input

in today's daytime wallpaper competition, distribution channels have become particularly important. Wallpaper enterprises must accurately analyze consumer demand and guide consumption purposefully. As the saying goes, "know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles"

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