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Shangpin natural color wooden door follows the main elements of classical European style and integrates modern life elements. Simple Europe has not only luxury and atmosphere, but also comfort and nature. It retains some distinctive characteristics of pure Europe

following the main elements of classical European style

integrating modern life elements

simple Europe has more than luxurious atmosphere

it is more comfortable and natural

it retains some distinctive features of pure Europe

such as symmetry, luxury Romance

simplifies the cumbersome lines

and exquisite modeling patterns

the color has evolved from dark tones to bright and light

although the simple European style inherits the decorative characteristics of the classical European style

, compared with the thick classical European style,

it is simple and simple, Fresh and neat

this coincides with the introverted aesthetic outlook of modern people

simple European style abandons complex texture and decoration

emphasizes the use of simple lines to create the continuity of spatial changes and the sense of hierarchy of physical changes

let every detail become a visual enjoyment

we pay attention to decoration style

in fact, what we pay attention to is a kind of

leisure Comfortable lifestyle

Simple European Space customization

Berne - Berne 05

art is above life,

practicality is the feeling of home,

render cultural connotation like poetry

protect the safety of home like a patron saint

create a long-standing charm with design language

while giving space vitality

also full of cultural sources

Kuder - Kuder 5

classics have special influence

they cannot be removed from the mind

they are hidden in the memory layer of the brain

covered with collective or individual none Camouflage of consciousness

salute the classic

simple European style is mainly ivory, and

is mainly light, supplemented by dark

compared with the rich and colorful classical European style,

Simple Europe is more clear and fresh,

it is also more in line with modern people's pursuit of leisure life

roman holiday - Roman holiday 16

through the glass, look at your lover's busy figure

you can smell the delicious food before you open the door

the thick warmth instills the whole body and mind

the fatigue of the day also sweeps away with this warm current

the steaming food and waiting for your lover to wait at home for a long time

palais de Versailles - the ups and downs of the history of Versailles of Casa series

, The rose forest of art

breeds the artistic soul of France with every ancient building and mysterious story

in different forms

is the rational beauty of neoclassical architecture

if you want to enjoy luxury in a low profile,

return to comfort in luxury,

simple European style is a good choice

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