How about Wuhan foreman 360 decoration company

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Summary of the editor: the foreman 360 will hand over the right to select the foreman, that is, the project manager, to the owner, and directly connect with the foreman. The company plays a supervisory role in the middle, which is more satisfactory to the owner than the traditional decoration company and more guaranteed than the construction team

well, if you are interested in foreman 360, you can enter foreman 360 online store (online store address: )Make an appointment to measure the room, or participate in the decoration bidding, and compare the foreman 360 with the traditional decoration company. You can also go directly to the foreman 360 2000 square meters offline home decoration experience hall for direct field investigation. The address is the second floor of Tianyi Square, sports street, pengliu Yang Road, Wuchang District




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