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Warmly congratulate Ruyu Deshui on winning the honor of 2017 top ten Chinese curtain brands, which is a double contest between brand strength and customer reputation. Thank you for your love for Ruyu Deshui

warmly congratulate Ruyu Deshui on winning the honor of 2017 China's top ten curtain brands. This is a double contest between brand strength and customer reputation. Thank you for your love for Ruyu Deshui. It is precisely because of your support and love all the way that Ruyu Deshui will win the honor of China's top ten curtain brands for three consecutive years from 2015

at this moment, an important message is that Ruyu Deshui will no longer participate in the selection of China's top ten curtain brands, because Ruyu Deshui's positioning will be comprehensively upgraded, its product line will be expanded, and it will officially enter the new mode of house wide soft decoration customization. Ruyushui's product line is no longer limited to curtains, as well as wall coverings

like a duck to water, it is an old brand with 23 years of precipitation, and is in the leading position in the home decoration and building materials industry. There are already 200 curtain franchised stores in the country. In the past 23 years, with exquisite craftsmanship - suit craftsmanship, leading product styles - four R & D studios, one-to-one design - exclusive customization, China's green environmental protection certificate - environmental protection quality, sincere and appropriate service - lifelong free removal and hanging service, ruyushui brand has been recognized and loved by customers

with the continuous development and growth of Ruyu Deshui, the brand is recognized by more and more industry masters and customers. At the same time, in order to meet customers' demand for one-stop purchase of soft clothing, Ruyu Deshui will add new members - wallcovering. Ruyu Deshui curtains and wall coverings will customize your home together

2017 is the closing year of consolidating the foundation for transformation and upgrading, and it is also a leap in strategic development. After several years of research and development and sedimentation, ruyushui will present the best business model to subvert the industry. Under the market environment of low-level operation in the business environment, ruyushui is committed to providing partners with a complete set of solutions for innovative and responsive products, services and sales, so as to create long-term value-added and potential value for partners

the brand headquarters of rudeshui is located in Hangzhou, China, on the third floor of block B of Wangjing business center. The brand headquarters includes operation center, marketing center, R & D center, business school and home network( )It covers an area of more than 3000 square meters and has thousands of employees. After 23 years of sedimentation, ruyudeshui is in a pivotal position in the home building materials industry. Don't hesitate, there is nothing wrong with choosing us

Ru Yu de Shui invites you to jointly operate and share the last potential share of the home building materials industry - the curtain Market with annual sales of hundreds of billions




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