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In early spring, everything grows. Groups of soft decoration designers are also trying to absorb new knowledge, such as fish in water. The 90th elite shopping guide class is open.

warm welcome

Gaobeidian, Hebei Province

Tonghua, Jilin

Guiyang, Guizhou

Xichang, Sichuan

Changchun, Jilin

Jinpu new area, Dalian

Taihe County, Anhui

Mianyang, Sichuan Eight new stores newly joined

Nanning, Guangxi

Guilin, Guangxi

Rugao, Jiangsu Three old stores

28 students came to the headquarters business school to participate in the training

the 10 day course of ruyushui shopping guide elite class enables the new shopping guide of the exclusive store to master some basic professional knowledge and sales mode in the shortest time, and can start as soon as possible after returning to the store, mainly for the training of basic knowledge including order terminology, measuring scale reduction, calculation, wall cloth background, OMS recording, as well as suit technology, home decoration style Training on color matching, 3D design software and other practical knowledge

many dealers said, "10 days of training is equivalent to 3 months of self exploration in the store!" But to achieve good results, we need to ensure that the training process is strictly controlled! It's not so easy to get the final certificate after just 10 days of study

some dealers said that they have participated in a lot of training, which is the most rigorous and responsible training. Although the body is very resistant and wants to be lazy, they are very happy in their hearts, because the company has a strong backstage support, and a strong operation system is very beneficial to store terminals

this shopping guide elite class has a very good learning atmosphere. A class of 28; 5 small teams; Led by two squad leaders and five team leaders, our big team broke the waves and overcome all difficulties; Let your professional skills continue to grow and break through yourself

Barker Cong, from Taihe store, has a poor memory, but in the process of learning, he fully embodies the character of not admitting defeat, and can pass each examination with good results; In addition, the staff in Gaobeidian are generally in good condition and have strong learning ability, which drives the learning atmosphere of the whole class. Promote everyone to grow

of course, under the strict pressure of study, there is no lack of relaxed and happy time. At noon every day, laughter can always be heard in the classroom, which is the link for us to play games. Only when we learn to relax and relax can we be happy

the 10 day study is over, and the students have successfully obtained the completion certificate. Here, they gain knowledge and friendship at the same time. I hope that after you return to the store, you can transfer the knowledge you have learned, communicate more, share more experience, and help each other. I wish you a big sale after you return to the store, a better career, and a better life




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