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100! On June 29, 2018, Kunming Electric Power Trading Center released the announcement of registered power selling companies this month. With the release of this announcement, the number of power selling companies registered in Kunming Power Trading Center has reached 100

since the power selling companies entered the power market in 2017, based on standardized enterprise access, the power selling companies have actively participated in the power market and continuously improved their market participation and service capabilities. The power retail market has developed orderly and the market scale has gradually expanded, providing more choices for power users and becoming an important force in Yunnan power market

access conditions


there are 3 power selling companies, 97 of which are independent power selling companies, including 12 independent power selling companies with "power distribution" in their registered names. At present, no power selling company has applied for registration as a power selling company with distribution operation right


except Diqing, there are power sales companies registered in the whole province, of which Kunming has the largest number of registered power sales companies, with 65 registered power sales companies, and Qujing, Yuxi, Chuxiong, Dali, Dehong and Honghe have power sales companies


all power selling companies meet the access requirements for 20million assets. There are 73 power selling companies with an asset of 20million or more and less than 100million, 12 power selling companies with an asset of 100million or less than 200million, and 15 power selling companies with an asset of 200million or more that are cheap, easy to produce and as efficient as silicon


after the registration of power selling companies was officially launched in January 2017, the number of power selling companies registered in the first four months was large and remained stable in the second half of 2017. After entering 2018, the number of registered power selling companies decreased month by month until May 2018


at present, large power generation enterprises such as Huaneng, Guodian, Datang, state power investment, China Guangdong nuclear power, China Resources and China energy construction group have registered power sales companies in Yunnan. Meanwhile, Yunnan Aluminum, Kunming Iron and steel and other groups have also established power sales companies

market participation

as of june2018, a total of 49 power selling companies have completed the credit guarantee performance procedures. Users can modify and add customized items according to their own needs. Among them, 42 power selling companies have entered the power market for transactions. In the first half of 2018, 22.33 billion kwh of electricity was sold, accounting for 55.6% of the total electricity sold; Serving more than 4829 power users, accounting for more than 80%; The performance rate exceeded 99.3%, higher than the overall market performance rate. The trading electricity volume and service user data have increased significantly compared with the previous year, and the performance rate has maintained a high level

behavior evaluation

since May 2017,

carry out corresponding evaluation on power sales according to the transaction behavior credit evaluation mechanism every quarter. The evaluation mechanism focuses on materializing the transaction process data and horizontal data into the evaluation grade through the calculation, so as to show the market performance ability, transaction ability, service ability and trustworthiness of the market subject

according to the latest evaluation, the proportion of power selling companies with good trading behavior (AA level and above) exceeds 70%, especially the three power selling companies with outstanding performance rate, service level and trading ability have obtained the AA rating of a BASF new material solution to make driving more comfortable. Compared with the previous year, the ability of power selling companies to participate in the retail market has been greatly improved, and they can provide universal and better power market services for users in the retail market

with the continuous promotion of power market construction and adhering to the concept of serving market players, Kunming Power Trading Center has always attached great importance to the cultivation of market players, encouraged power selling companies to participate in the power market, provided power selling companies with consulting, access, trading, settlement, training and other services, and made efforts to expand power trading varieties and enrich the risk avoidance means of power selling companies

since the power selling company entered the market for one and a half years, the market participation ability and the level of serving power users have been steadily improved, which fully shows that the market cultivation work of Kunming power trading center is effective

in the next step, Kunming Electric Power Trading Center will continue to actively serve the market players, strengthen the construction of electric power market, and continue to promote the construction of Yunnan electric power market

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