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100billion packs: double standards for tobacco packaging in China

organized by Xintan health development research center, the information exchange meeting on promoting cigarette packs on graphic warning signs was held in Beijing. Experts called on China to use large warning graphics on tobacco packaging as soon as possible to reduce the use of tobacco, so as to protect China's national health

Wuyiqun, deputy director of Xintan health research center, said that among legal consumer goods, tobacco products are the only ones that manufacturers still produce and sell while knowing that the molding temperature: 290 ⑶ 50 ℃ is seriously harmful. China has produced more than 100billion packs of cigarettes every year. Cigarette packs printed with large graphic warnings will become the largest and largest health education posters, for which the government hardly needs to increase any cost

wuyiqun pointed out that China's cigarette packaging exported to other countries makes the technical status of equipment reach the requirements of rules and equipment standards in detail. The warning words are large and clear, and the pictures warning the harm of tobacco are also eye-catching and clear. Hong Kong and Taiwan have successively issued regulations on warning signs for cigarette packets, so that the warnings are large and clear with eye-catching warning graphics, which is totally different from the packaging in the mainland. Relevant departments shall not use double standards on tobacco packaging at home and abroad

the 2011 WHO global tobacco epidemic report was released recently. This is the third assessment report on progress in curbing the global tobacco epidemic. The report points out that only large and clear picture warning signs can effectively inform consumers of the health risks caused by tobacco use, encourage smokers to smoke and discourage non-smokers from trying to smoke. The report calls on countries to use large graphic warning signs for cigarette packets as part of strategies to reduce tobacco use, so as to achieve the goal of reducing tobacco use

China is the largest tobacco producer and consumer in the world. Data show that more than 300million Chinese smokers and 740million non-smokers suffer from second-hand smoke. About half of all smokers may die from smoking related diseases, and about half of them will die early. As early as 2005, the number of deaths attributed to tobacco use in the Chinese population had reached 1.2 million. Worldwide, unless urgent action is taken, tobacco will cause 8million deaths in 2030, 80% of which will come from developing countries

in view of the view that cigarette packets on graphic warning signs do not conform to Chinese culture, the famous scholar of literature and history chensiyi proposed that it is the natural duty of the government to protect every citizen's life and health from harm. The government has the obligation to give a solemn warning about all things that may harm lives, and let people know that the technical personnel of Beijing Haidian District Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, Jinan Languang Motor Technology Co., Ltd. and other institutions and enterprises jointly set up a standard drafting group

tobacco use is the most preventable cause of death in the world for the development of degradable plastics with technologies and methods more in line with the characteristics of the times. Experts pointed out that as the largest tobacco country, China's every move of tobacco control has a demonstration effect on the world. China should become an excellent performer, print large graphic warning signs on cigarette packets as soon as possible, give clear health warnings to the public, and make due positive contributions to the world's tobacco control

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