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On March 29, it was learned from a source close to Meizu that Meizu will usher in a new round of layoffs with a scale of more than 1000 people. The official maximum temperature is 950 ~ 1150 ℃, and the layoffs will be announced next week

except for the CS supply chain center led by Huang Zhipan, senior vice president, other business units are within the scope of this layoff, and the Meilan business unit now in the charge of Li Nan will naturally be affected

this is not Meizu's first mass layoff. The first time it attracted outside attention due to layoffs was in 2016. At that time, 5% of the layoffs were normal personnel structure adjustment. Meizu even shouted the slogan "layoffs will be normalized" in a high-profile manner in the same period

in 2017, Meizu's second layoff reached 1000 people. At that time, the official explanation was to optimize the personnel structure, but the proportion increased to 10%, and the number of layoffs also exceeded 1000, "saving costs for listing." Meizu once had more than 4300 employees at its peak

to check whether the size of the mold is correct

one year later, Meizu has not appeared in the listing list, but a new round of layoffs has started as scheduled. According to the information we received, Meizu currently has about 3800 employees, and the layoff plan is more than 1000, which means that more than a quarter of the employees will be laid off

at present, there are many signs of layoffs within Meizu. Previously, in order to save labor costs, Meizu became the 33rd 10 billion level project in the new area, eliminating the overtime clock system of the marketing department and other similar departments. Now, it has begun to strictly assess attendance, requiring that group photos be taken by groups as attendance records for department leaders. There are internal rumors that if you are late, you may not get compensation for being laid off

as the first brand among domestic manufacturers to get involved in intelligent business, Meizu has made many unique moves in terms of brand or product. In recent years, it has been trying to get rid of the small and beautiful label. However, many detours have been taken. Meizu Meilan's dual brand strategy is wavering. In fact, the electronic tensile testing machine is not just a simple tensile test, and its internal structure is frequently adjusted

in this process, Huang Zhang made a high-profile comeback from time to time but had no practical effect. In front of many comprehensive screens, Meizu 15, which he had built and designed for the 15th anniversary of Meizu this year, was uncompetitive. Once the certified photos of the Ministry of industry and information technology were exposed, there was a sigh on social media

this layoff is more about Meizu paying for a series of major mistakes. In 2017, when the whole industry was chasing the full screen, it bucked the trend and gambled heavily on the front and back dual screen flagship Pro 7, which ended in a disastrous defeat, and its inventory was once as high as hundreds of thousands

last year, Huang Zhang roughly split Meizu Meilan, introducing Yang Zhe, former CMO of Huawei terminal and former president of TCL China, to replace Li Nan, who was transferred to the post of president of Meilan business department, which led to serious internal friction among staff

what's more serious is that the poor market performance of the annual flagship product directly dragged down Meizu's sales channel, and it had to close more than 500 of its 2000 exclusive stores. After the storm, the focus was on the products. On the contrary, Meizu was supported by Meilan. No matter the recent Meilan E3, Meilan S6 and the earlier Meilan Note 6, they are all commendable

however, under the leadership of Huang Zhang and Yang Zhe, Meizu has started a new round of office renovation, hanging Buddhist slogans such as seal script and seal style and "only essence and uniqueness" on the wall of the headquarters building and the front desk Hall of the company

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