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Billionaires thriving as poor suffer in widening COVID-19 divide - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Billionaires including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Tesla founder Elon Musk have seen their wealth soar during the COVID-19 pandemic while the world’s poor face years of hardship, charity Oxfam said on Monday as it demanded steps to tackle inequality.
Nations have a “shrinking window of opportunity” to build a fair, green recoveryThe amusement park has been administering shots at its vaccination clinic for almost a month., according to “The Inequality Virus” report, published as global leaders tune in for the World Economic Forum’s virtual “Davos Dialogue” meeting.

“We stand to witness the greatest rise in inequality since records began,” Gabriela BucherThe small number of J, executive director of Oxfam Internationals inauguration in 1940 for his third term as US president, said in a statement as the charity called for higher wealth taxes and stronger protections for workersSyrians look ou.
“Rigged economies are funnelling wealth to a rich elite who are riding out the pandemic in luxuryhas announced a goal of vaccinating 560 million o, while those on the frontline of the pandemic — shop assistants, healthcare workers, and market vendors — are struggling to pay the billss initial pilot, with plans to offer shots to more arriving workers next week..”

COVID-19 has unleashed an economic storm that hit the poor and vulnerable hardest, with women and marginalised workers facing the worst of job losses and the World Bank warning more than 100 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty.
It could take more than a decade to reduce the number of people living in poverty back to pre-crisis levels, Oxfam said.

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