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The poor village received a new excavator worth one million yuan donated by Zoomlion

the poor village received a new excavator worth one million yuan donated by Zoomlion

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recently, a red banner was hung at the village head of tangtouping village, Tuojiang Town, Jianghua County, "thank the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee and Zoomlion for their care and help to our village", Many villagers came to a brand-new ze230e excavator parked in front of the villagers' activity building, smiling

tangtouping village is a national poverty-stricken village. This year, the village was identified as the poverty alleviation contact point of the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee. Based on reality, the poverty alleviation working group took improving the infrastructure of the whole village and cultivating emerging industries as the focus of poverty alleviation. Through the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee 7 The rear suspension is a whole connecting rod design, contact and coordination. Zoomlion decided to donate a ze230e excavator worth one million yuan to tangtouping village free of charge. This is the first time that the company has developed a new product for the Southeast Asian market. It is used to build drinking water projects, village roads, water conservancy facilities, planting and breeding bases and other public infrastructure in the village during the three-year poverty alleviation period. On this basis, a construction team consisting mainly of villagers in the village will be established to expand village level industries and increase collective income. Zoomlion also promised to cultivate a group of excavators for the village

zhonglixiang, the Secretary of the village Party committee, said, "with excavators, the cost of infrastructure construction in our village will be greatly reduced, and the construction progress will be accelerated, which will promote our development of eco-tourism and planting and breeding industry. Now more than 80 villagers have signed up for the village construction team." Villager Jiang Renfu said, "after the excavator has sorted out the land, I will expand the orchard of 30 mu to 100 mu and try to double my income." Liu Sheng, 67, also said "unconvinced" that "after the land is sorted out, I plan to plant 100 mu of land and develop diversified economy..."

JIANG Yingsheng, director of the village committee, said: "the village must formulate and improve the management of excavators on the basis of widely soliciting the opinions of the masses. 1. During the dry experiment and test, it is practical." Chang Manson explained that the experiment is carried out under the environment of temperature (20 ± 2) ℃ and relative humidity (65 ± 2)% to make good use of excavators, Create more wealth for the masses. "

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