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On the positioning of packaging design (II)

theoretical knowledge on the positioning of packaging design

for students, the teaching of packaging design should first be based on students' understanding of certain theoretical knowledge. On the positioning of packaging design, I hereby provide a theoretical point for discussion:

packaging decoration and packaging modeling have their commonalities in the basic procedures of design, However, the two have their own characteristics in terms of specific design methods due to different purpose requirements. The former mainly focuses on the plane visual communication function effect, while the latter mainly focuses on the modeling function of the container and the three-dimensional visual communication function effect

packaging and decoration design is not a simple picture decoration, but must be a design combining specific product information transmission and visual aesthetic transmission. If the modeling structure of packaging should mainly complete certain qualitative functions to meet different test requirements, packaging decoration is to focus on completing certain spiritual functions

(I). Creative idea

the most important level in packaging and decoration design is "creative idea", which is the soul of design. Creative idea is what the designer should "show" and "how to show" on the screen. It is very important for many excellent packaging designs to make breakthroughs and innovations in conception. This is just like the creation of comics. Creative comics often only need a few strokes to achieve the humorous effect of deep reflection, wit and laughter

packaging design is to serve goods, and the internal goods and consumer needs are the first, while packaging is subordinate and the second. Therefore, the creativity of the design idea should be carried out closely around the requirements of the content on the form, that is, it should not only show the individual characteristics of the product and the individual characteristics of the designer or consumer group in art, so that the packaging is novel and unique, has strong appeal, and can attract consumers, but also reflect the internal quality of the commodity and its superiority in function as much as possible

before the design idea, it is necessary to make an investigation and preparation of the product and some conditions related to the product. The investigation content can usually include the following items and contents:

1. Various materials related to the product (such as raw materials, product quality, use, performance and price, etc.)

2. Trademark (whether famous or famous)

3. Commodity attributes

4. Sales target

5. Commodity grade

6. Local conditions and customs of the place where the product is sold

7. Product vertical and horizontal comparison (mainly refers to product quality and improvement)

8. Material, size, shape, etc. of the packaging container

9. History of the manufacturer, local customs and characteristics, etc

10. Information about the packaging and decoration of similar products

11. Understand the manufacturer's ideas and preferences for product packaging

for the above projects, we can use the list method to arrange the information we can understand, find out the needs and the key points that can be expressed in the design, and stimulate our creativity

generally speaking, the key choice mainly includes three aspects: trademark, commodity itself and consumption object. Some product packages with famous trademarks or brands can use trademarks and brands as the focus of expression, such as "Coca Cola" in the United States; The packaging of products or new products with prominent characteristics can use the commodity itself as the design focus; And some product packaging with specific or special consumer groups can focus on consumers. Among them, the performance focusing on the commodity itself has the greatest performance world. In short, no matter how it is expressed, it should focus on conveying clear commodity information, but the focus should not be simply understood as a unique factor, but should have a basic tendency. For example, the outer package of a famous brand commodity can have both a trademark and the image of the commodity itself. However, in order to highlight that it is a famous brand commodity and quickly convey the famous brand information to consumers, the focus of the image should be on highlighting the trademark

after finding the key points of performance, it is from what angle to show the key points, which is the deepening after determining the key points of performance. For example, focusing on trademarks and brand names, is it the logo image of trademarks and brand names, or the meaning of trademarks and brand names? If we focus on the improvement of market vitality and service ability, is it the external image of the commodity or some internal attribute of the commodity? Does it represent the components of a commodity or its functional utility? Because everything has different cognitive angles, but it will be beneficial to express it from a certain angle. For example, the packaging design of "Jiali sandalwood soap" focuses on the expression angle of the meaning of the brand "Jiali", and selects the fine brushwork ladies of the Tang Dynasty as the expression angle of the meaning of "Jiali", so that consumers can connect the fixture structure design requirements of the universal tensile testing machine: think of the long history of commodity production and the nobility and function superiority of the commodity itself. It conveys the specific information of commodities from the perspective of history and functionality. Another example is the packaging and decoration design of Taohua Datong peanut oil. Its creative idea focuses on the commodity itself rather than the brand. The main feature of peanut oil is that it takes peanut as raw material. In terms of processing, it takes the characteristics of raw peanut as the performance point of view, and very clearly conveys the commodity information. Another example is the packaging design of blue and white porcelain tableware in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. The focus of its creative idea is also the commodity itself, but the performance angle is not the raw material composition, but the decorative characteristics of the commodity - the decorative patterns and colors of blue and white porcelain, and the information transmission of the commodity is also very strong. The packaging design of Coca Cola in the United States focuses on the decorative form of the brand "coca'cola" font, which shows the focus of the famous brand

after we found the "breakthrough" of the expression angle, the next question is what kind of method and form to adopt to express it more appropriately? The focus and perspective of performance is mainly to solve "what to show"? This is only half of the problem, and the technique and form of expression is to solve the problem of "how to express". Good expression techniques and forms are the vitality of the design, which can make the whole design "fluffy"

packaging and decoration mainly means that we should try our best to express the goods (contents) or some of their characteristics. Because everything must have certain particularity and certain relevance with some other things. Therefore, if we want to express a thing and an object, there are two basic methods: one is to express certain characteristics of the object directly, and the other is to express the object indirectly with the help of other things related to the object. The former is called direct expression or direct narration, and the latter is called indirect expression or with the help of expression

1. Direct expression can be carried out in the following ways:

(1) using color and black-and-white photography

(2) use the way of painting

painting can also be expressed by realism, induction and exaggeration. The method of induction is to simplify the subject image. For the subject with obvious physical characteristics, the main characteristics of the subject image are clearer after induction and generalization. In terms of treatment methods, the shape and color of the subject can be summarized and summarized

induction is to obtain the clear and distinct characteristics of the subject by simplification and generalization, while exaggeration is to obtain the distinct and prominent characteristics of the subject by change. The common point of both is to make some changes to the image of the subject. Exaggeration should not only have a choice, but also emphasize the low price and reliable service, so that the main image is unreasonable, but reasonable, and the expression is full of romantic interest. However, it should be noted that exaggeration in packaging and decoration should generally be cute, vivid and interesting, rather than ugly

(3). The way of opening windows in the packaging box

can directly reveal the image, color, variety, quantity and texture of goods to consumers, making consumers feel at ease and trust in goods psychologically. The forms and parts of opening windows can be varied, regardless of one style. For example, there is a packaging box design of children's clothing, which is to open a window at the clothing of the voice painted children's graphics, so that the pattern, color, texture and other information of the clothing in the box can be revealed. It not only conveys most of the information of children's clothing to consumers, but also plays a decorative role together with the packaging, becoming an integral part of the packaging. For example, the packaging of "Digo brand high-end suit", the packaging of gift wine, the packaging of wine heart chocolate and assorted chocolate, and the packaging of daily necessities are all good forms of opening windows. The forms of opening windows are different and colorful

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