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The post-90s self-made excavators are fully functional and only cost 30000 yuan

the post-90s self-made excavators are fully functional and only cost 30000 yuan

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have you ever seen self-made toys, houses and furniture... Have you ever seen self-made excavators at home? In LINPO village, Liuqiao Township, Dongxing District, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, there is such a "wayward" post-90s "cow" guy Dai Yuanwu. He didn't graduate from junior high school. One day, his brain hole suddenly opened. Despite dissuasion, he was busy at home and "madly" built his own excavator

on May 5, Dai Yuanwu showed everyone his "proud" work - "Dai's self-made excavator" at the door of LINPO village

the post-90s boy made his own excavator

the post-90s excavator apprentice wants to prove that he is "serious"

Dai Yuanwu, 25, graduated from junior high school. He has successively studied lathe work, numerical control lathe, excavation, actively served the excavator of Tongling Copper based new material industrial base, and also did the roast duck business. He has been fascinated by machinery since childhood and likes to "make trouble". At the age of 16, he used his first money to buy electric drills, and then successively bought bench drills, electric welding machines, hand grinding wheels and other tools, constantly developing "new" gadgets

at ordinary times, Dai Yuanwu spends his free time in his narrow "workshop" and has built a small harvester and a small lathe, all of which have failed. Therefore, the villagers and their families felt that he was "insane" and "did not work hard" all day long. At the age of 20, Dai Yuan learned to drive excavators, and gradually became familiar with the structure of excavators. The idea of building an excavator by yourself is getting stronger and stronger in Dai Yuanwu's head

however, Dai Yuanwu said frankly: the main reason is that excavators on the market are expensive and cannot be bought. The cost of self-made excavators is low. If they are successfully manufactured and used in practical work, they will definitely make a lot of money in the future. After learning his idea, his family and friends almost unanimously opposed it. His mother scolded him, "how can you build an excavator by yourself?" "Everyone says I can't do it. They say I 'don't do business', so I have to build an excavator to prove that I am doing business." Dai Yuanwu said that such a stubbornness made him start his own business

assemble a dilapidated metal friend's house as a "workshop"

do as you say. In 2013, Dai Yuanwu began to practice his dream of making his own excavator. Every part of the excavator was designed, drawn, modified and verified by him personally. The old exercise books and shoe boxes at home became his drawings. Moved by his persistence, a classmate also vacated a room for him as a "workshop"

after the preparation work was completed, Dai Yuanwu began to run to the waste purchase station, looking for useful materials in the pile of copper and iron polylactic acid that was found to be broken, although not yet integrated. Replace the engine with an old diesel engine, weld the chassis with waste steel, replace the transmission shaft with waste motorcycle chains, and go to the glove factory to find scrap materials to make control handles... In order to save costs, he bought new precision parts such as diesel engines and hydraulic motors, and many other parts were picked out of a pile of "waste"

"it took me more than half a month to make two tracks alone." Dai Yuanwu said that he also made many parts by himself

after more than three months of design and assembly, the excavator of daiyuanwu has gradually taken shape. Although limited by the power of the hydraulic motor, the working state of the excavator is still unstable when the temperature is high, its flexibility and operation mode have been comparable with the regular excavator. Then, according to his own thinking and problems encountered in operation, Dai Yuanwu optimized and improved the self-made excavator

"Dai's" excavator was born. The digging bucket has complete functions

advance, retreat, dig, dump, turn, backfill... In less than ten minutes, a deep ditch with a depth of about 50 cm, a width of about 40 cm, and a length of more than 1 meter was dug and then filled. The series operation demonstration of Dai Yuanwu shows that the tear test in the cosmetic packaging of Dai's Excavator should be flexible

"generally, the boom and jib of an excavator are fixed, and it is too narrow to go, but my excavator can adjust the length of the big and small arms." Dai Yuanwu said that in order to make up for the shortcomings of the large excavator, he designed the telescopic function of the large and small arms of the excavator, and the distance between the two tracks can be adjusted in the range of 1 meter to 1.3 meters. At the same time, it will not sink even when working on soft ground. Through a series of improvements, it can be more suitable for rural hilly areas. Although the present Dai's self-made excavator looks a little crude, its actual function is almost the same as that of the excavators sold on the market

at the same time, Dai Yuanwu said that excavators of similar size but not optimized and improved can be bought on the market, but the cost is as high as 100000 to 200000, while the total cost of the excavators made by Dai Yuanwu is only more than 30000 yuan

"a few days ago, I ordered a hydraulic motor with greater power on. After replacing the new hydraulic motor, my excavator will be officially put into use." Dai Yuanwu said

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