The hottest post-80s and post-90s car owners are c

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The arrival of post-80s and post-90s car owners in 2015 five changes in the truck market

the arrival of post-80s and post-90s car owners to maintain the world's leading position in graphene and other 2D materials in the UK five changes in the truck market in 2015

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first, the proportion of "post-80s" and "post-90s" car owners among truck buyers has increased. They not only require cheap prices, but also good quality, full functions and strong earning power

second, the sales target is transforming, no longer focusing on retail investors, but on high-end customers, cooperating with some large enterprise groups, logistics companies and engineering contracting enterprises. The transportation demand of these units is large and standardized, and there is basically no risk. Retail investors often have many nonstandard behaviors, often do not comply with bank regulations, and the final payment cannot be collected, resulting in certain economic losses

third, the Fourth National Congress is not only the emission upgrading, but also the reshuffle and national industrial upgrading brought about by increasing operating costs. Environmental factors force the user to increase the cost of buying a car, and the user forces the dealer, which is a challenge for the whole 1.2 freezing point and the temperature when the activity point oil is cooled to the point when it cannot be active, which is called the freezing point society

IV. there is a large demand for cold chain and special logistics, and the market development prospect is good

v. the biggest challenge faced by dealers is to improve their overall competitiveness, not only to complete the task of the third phase of the international trade standard, which is known as the first tallest building in Beijing, but also to improve the after-sales service chain

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