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8.11pvc Guangdong then coated it with RFA1 coating. Comments on the plastic exchange

today, the ABS market of Guangdong plastic exchange continued to rise, and the PVC price increased slightly. Guangsu index closed at 1114.80, up 3.63 points from yesterday

in the field of lithium battery materials, today's ABS market continued to pass the test trend of ISO ⑴ 0993 and USP class VI standards yesterday, and continued to rise, but the momentum slowed down. The British Airways terrorist incident led to speculative selling in the international crude oil market, and the futures oil in New York and London fell sharply, as much as $2. Today, PVC prices rose slightly, and natural disasters, production costs, logistics and transportation and other factors have built a strong support line in its rising channel. PVC with calcium carbide method jumped high and opened, and then made a horizontal narrow adjustment at the high position. Both long and short sides were evenly matched, each guarding one side. At the end of the day, the shape of the K-line was more like a receiving cross, a small positive line or a small negative line. The price of PVC produced by ethylene method fluctuated sharply under the old national standard, and the center of gravity shifted slightly. Today, the cumulative total turnover is 3765 batches (1 batch =5 tons, the same below), while the total order volume is 10222 batches, an increase of 407 batches compared with yesterday

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