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Potato fresh-keeping packaging technology

at present, the potato fresh-keeping packaging technology in the world mainly includes dehydration fresh-keeping packaging technology in Japan and ultra-high gas through film packaging technology in the United States. In addition, there is the development of cold chemical new material industry, modified atmosphere packaging technology, film, radiation, etc. Although the modified atmosphere packaging technology has great advantages, its popularization and application are limited due to the need for cooling equipment and the existence of low temperature barriers and cytoplasmic icing barriers. The fresh-keeping packaging technology at room temperature will be developed

Japan's dehydration and fresh-keeping packaging technology uses polymers with high water absorption and activated carbon placed in bag mats to regulate water by absorbing the water released during potato respiration. At the same time, it can absorb ethylene and other gases produced by respiration, as well as the odor of decay, so as to prevent condensation; The other is SC film, which has the function of absorbing ethylene and water vapor at the same time, can prevent condensation, can adjust the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the package, and also has a certain anti-corrosion effect. SC film has good transparency and low price, which can prevent potato wilting and corruption due to water evaporation and microbial action; SC film has good elasticity, is not easy to crack, can be used stably for a long time, and has good fresh-keeping effect

the ultra-high gas permeability membrane studied in the United States can make enough oxygen penetrate, so as to avoid the occurrence of anaerobic state, achieve the best atmosphere control, and play a role in keeping fresh

the best storage temperature of potatoes is 1-3 ° C, while the normal temperature is above 18 ° C, so only using the heat insulation of corrugated board can not meet this requirement. Therefore, we can do some heat insulation treatment on corrugated board. The methods adopted by the world's advanced countries are: composite evaporation film on the outer surface of the carton to reflect radiation; Use foamed styrene in the middle of corrugated board to improve heat insulation (reduce heat conductivity); The other is to use refrigerant. The cold storage agent is usually alkane and petroleum gel liquid. After removing the broken test pieces, it is sealed in a film bag or blown plastic container. It can absorb the heat in the surrounding environment, reduce the temperature, keep the potato fresh-keeping package at a certain temperature and humidity, and extend the fresh-keeping storage period. And it can be used repeatedly, and the amount of refrigerant can be adjusted to make an adjustable fresh-keeping packaging refrigerator. Some methods are also used to treat potatoes to improve the effect of potato fresh-keeping packaging. For example:

(1) radiation treatment. Experiments of American experts: using 60 cobalt ray isotope to treat potatoes can significantly increase the storage period of potatoes. Generally, the safe dose of radiation is 10000-20000 roentgens, the budding rate is reduced by more than 90% (from 21.4% to 1.05%), and the damage and decay are reduced to 1-2% (the control is 4.1%); Moreover, the fresh-keeping and storage temperature can be significantly increased, generally by about 10 ° C, and good fresh-keeping and storage effects can be achieved even under normal temperature (20 ° C-26 ° C). Radiation treatment can destroy the synthesis of auxin at the growth point of potato tubers and weaken the respiration

(2) coating treatment. That is, the potato is treated with a solution (coating solution) containing film-forming agent, preservative, etc., so as to form a layer of film-like substances on the surface of potato tubers, which can not only increase the anti microbial infection and physiological diseases of potato, but also produce good results. The preservatives commonly used in potato processing include benomir, thiabendazole, ethyl naphthylacetate, etc

(3) strictly select and harvest in time. In order to improve the fresh-keeping and packaging effect of potatoes, an appropriate harvest time should be established. For example, autumn potatoes should be harvested in the first ten days of November before the early frost, and should not be subjected to frost. Harvesting should be carried out after the soil is properly dried. The newly collected potato pieces, with soft skin, should be placed on the ground for 1-2 hours, and collected after the surface is slightly dry; On sunny days in summer, you can't dry it for a long time. After harvest, you should store it in a cool place. Before storage, potato chips with pathological changes, insect bites, damage, rain, freezing, opening and pitting on the epidermis should be strictly removed

(4) clean storage. There are a large number of microorganisms in packaging materials, packaging containers and warehouses that cause horses. If the price of high and low temperature test boxes can increase continuously, enterprises can get twice the result with half the effort in the market competition. The invasion of microorganisms will affect the fresh-keeping and storage effect. Therefore, we must do a good job in packaging and warehouse disinfection, which is an important measure of corrosion prevention and loss reduction

sound and then correct the accuracy of the experimental machine:

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