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Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. bucked the trend and made good achievements in manufacturing service innovation and upgrading

Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. bucked the trend and made good achievements in manufacturing service innovation and upgrading

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recently, it was learned from Harbin Boiler Plant Co., Ltd. of Harbin electric power group that the company completed a total industrial output value of 9.6 billion yuan in 2016, with a year-on-year increase of 11%, an operating revenue of 9.05 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 13%, and a formal contract signing amount of 11.74 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 6%, The profit increased by 13.3% year-on-year, leading the industry in market share and economic operation quality, releasing great potential and achieving good results in the adverse trend

brand image is shining

brand is the embodiment of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. Harbin pot attaches great importance to product quality and performance, and is committed to creating a "brand" Harbin pot, so that Harbin pot products become the preferred brand trusted by users

won the China Industrial award. 1 December 2016 Solvay's TECHNYL reg; The product series helps to meet the growing demand for engine miniaturization in the market. On the 1st, the fourth China Industrial awards recognition conference was held in Beijing, and Harbin boiler was on the highest podium in China's industrial field. The "Zhundong coal fired ultra supercritical boiler development and engineering application demonstration project" won the crown of the China Industrial awards, becoming the only enterprise in the industry to win this honor. At the same time, in the list of 2016 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises jointly released by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of finance, Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. was successfully selected with its excellent innovation strength and outstanding industry leading role, becoming the only national technological innovation demonstration enterprise in China's power station boiler industry at present. These honors further called the brand of Harbin pot

secondary reheat products are world leading. Huaneng Laiwu million KW ultra supercritical secondary reheat unit 1 successfully completed the performance evaluation test. The power generation efficiency of the unit was 48.12%, the coal consumption for power generation was 255.29 g/kWh, and the coal consumption for power supply was 266.18 g/kWh. The three indicators all set new world records. It is the thermal power unit with the highest efficiency, the lowest energy consumption, the best indicators and the best environmental protection in the world at present, and has become the benchmark unit of green coal power in the world. Laiwu million KW secondary reheat unit 2 boiler also passed 168 hour trial operation at full load in November last year. Huaneng Anyuan's two 660000 kW secondary reheat units have excellent performance evaluation, with boiler efficiency of 94.61% and 94.34% respectively, both higher than the guaranteed value of 93.8%. The guaranteed value of power supply coal consumption ratio has been reduced by 2.64 g/kWh and 1.77 g/kWh, creating considerable economic and social benefits. The projects of "development and application of 1million kW ultra supercritical secondary reheat Tower Boiler" and "development and application of 660000 kW ultra supercritical secondary reheat boiler" independently developed by Harbin Boiler passed the national achievement appraisal

the domestic first crossbeam manufactured by Harbin boiler is lifted and moved under the control of hydraulic cylinder, which has achieved remarkable results in improving the efficiency of the experimental loading platform. The overall comprehensive efficiency improvement and reconstruction project of three 650000 kW supercritical unit boilers of China Resources Power (Changshu) Co., Ltd. undertaken by the company. Unit 2 has achieved 650000 kW full load operation, the boiler main steam temperature has been increased from 543 ℃ to 571 ℃, the standard coal consumption for power generation has been reduced by 2.1g/kwh, and the NOx emission concentration is less than 50mg/nm3. All indicators have fully reached the standard, with remarkable results. The modified components of the composite material impact test and analysis method group of unit 1 have been fully produced, and the owner presented the banner of "first-class service and excellent quality"

the crew competition won the championship again. Harbin boiler products led the list in the 2015 National Thermal Power 300000 kW and 600000 kW unit competition and the 2016 "China Power Quality Engineering Award". There are 113 300000 kW units, 100 Yusheng units made in China, and 36 units using Harbin boiler products, accounting for 36%; A total of 102 winning units were selected for units above 600000 kW, including 35 units using Harbin boiler equipment, accounting for 34.3%; In the list of "China Power Quality Engineering Award", 12 projects of coal-fired power units were selected, and 6 projects, accounting for 50%, were provided with boiler equipment by Harbin boiler. In addition, the Harbin Boiler brand helped Huaneng Changxing Power Plant become a national demonstration power station for energy conservation and emission reduction of coal and electricity. Harbin pot products have won the reputation of users for their safety, stability, high quality and efficiency

market development plays a triumphant song

in the face of the severe market situation, Harbin Boiler vigorously promotes the whole staff marketing strategy, and market development bucks the trend. The domestic market share exceeds 40%, leading the industry, especially in 1 million units, the bid winning rate of Harbin Boiler reaches 80%

leading in the domestic market. Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. has mature technology and obvious advantages in the field of secondary reheat, and has won two projects: Guohua Qingyuan and Guodian boxing. So far, among the 14 secondary reheat projects in the country, Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. has won seven projects, and six units have been put into operation, four of which are Harbin boiler products, leading the development of the industry. Sign two projects of 1million kW ultra supercritical class and four boilers, with a share of 80%; 660000 kW grade, 7 boilers in 3 projects, accounting for 31.8%; 350000 kW signed 13 projects with 31 boilers, accounting for 52.5%

the international market has achieved another success. The main engine market signed a supply contract for two 350000 kW supercritical boilers in bagnole, Mongolia, and South Sudan, Indonesia. Bagnoll circulating fluidized bed boiler is one of the landmark projects of strategic docking between the "the Belt and Road" initiative and the "grassland road" initiative, and a model project of mutually beneficial and win-win practical cooperation between China and Mongolia; The South Sudan project in Indonesia burns Indonesian high moisture lignite, which is the first coal power project officially launched in the Indonesian market to burn this kind of coal. The supply contract of voy complex in Uzbekistan and the hydrogenation reactor of MKP natural gas to methanol project in Iran have been signed, which has achieved a zero breakthrough in the development of petrochemical containers in the international market

breakthrough in operation mode. In May 2016, Harbin Boiler signed a contract for the ultra-low emission BOT project of the environmental protection island for two 300000 kW thermal power units of Shanxi Huaze Aluminum Power Co., Ltd., achieving a zero breakthrough in the integrated market development of the environmental protection island. This project is the first integrated BOT project with the most complete transformation in China, including low nitrogen combustion transformation, denitration transformation, desulfurization transformation, dust removal transformation, wet electrostatic precipitation and a series of transformation, realizing the collaborative treatment from inside the furnace to after the furnace

diversified development blooms in an all-round way. The transformation market newly signed Baoshan Power Plant three 350000 Subcritical Units comprehensive efficiency improvement transformation project; The auxiliary machine market is pleased to win the contract for 2 million KW secondary reheat high-pressure heaters in Leizhou, Datang, Guangdong; The petrochemical market successfully signed the supply contract for waste heat boilers of Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co., Ltd. and two ethylene glycol synthesis towers in the second phase of China Salt Hefei chemical base; The EPC contract for flue gas desulfurization of two 1million kW units of Datang International Leizhou power plant was signed with high quality in the environmental protection market; The seawater desalination market won the first container seawater desalination project; The preheater market has signed a contract for two air preheaters of 1million kW units in Central Java, Indonesia

innovation and upgrading of manufacturing services

in the face of heavy production tasks, Harbin Boiler strengthened the improvement of endogenous power, continuously promoted the upgrading of product manufacturing services around user needs, and won user recognition

make every effort to fulfill the contract and improve user satisfaction. In 2016, Harbin Boiler insisted on the concept of fulfilling the contract as the first priority, strengthened management, strengthened production organization, and launched a 100 day key research battle in the field of cashing in disposable tableware, hotel consumables, shopping bags and garbage bags. The party, government, work groups and organizations made concerted efforts to complete production tasks and meet user needs. In order to improve the internal capacity shortage and solve the production bottleneck, Harbin Boiler adjusted the process layout of plant 1 and plant 6, further upgraded the capacity, and improved the ability to honor the contract

strengthen quality control and create excellent projects. Harbin Boiler fully implements the requirements of the group company for "fire quality" and continues to strengthen its efforts to improve quality. Strengthen the quality control of key parts and key links, steadily improve the MPM welding quality of water-cooled wall, and the first-time pass rate of the whole weld is the best level in history; The thermal calibration quantity of small diameter pipe is greatly reduced, and the thermal calibration quantity of stainless steel elbow is zero. In order to further improve the surface quality of products, Harbin Boiler Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved the goals of project approval, design and production in the same year on the premise of ensuring construction safety and project quality, and effectively improved the image of Harbin boiler products

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