The hottest potential is huge, 4K LCD panels reach

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4K liquid crystal panels have great potential. There are millions of 4K liquid crystal panels in the year.

infrared light is an invisible and long wavelength light.

4k ultra clear TV is in the early stage of development. However, there are not many liquid crystal panel factories drooling over this fat. In addition to Korean and Japanese panel factories with low bending, compression and tensile strength, China International Optoelectronics Technology, Youda optoelectronics, qunchuang optoelectronics and other panel factories are increasing the production capacity of 4 cleaning oil k liquid crystal panels. Therefore, the industry estimates that the shipping target of 4K LCD panels in 2013 has increased significantly, from 2.3 ~ 2.6 million pieces to 3.5 ~ 4 million pieces. If this output can be achieved, the popularity of 4K will undoubtedly be faster

what hinders the popularity of 4K TV is not only the high price, but also the contradiction of capacity distribution. On the one hand, LCD panel manufacturers should meet the needs of this generation (1080p) LCD TV, but also do not want to lag behind in 4K ultra clear TV. At present, there are signs that more and more LCD panel manufacturers will increase the shipment ratio of 4K LCD panels

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