The hottest potato can be made into plastic film

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Recently, a biodegradable plastic film made from potatoes and whey was successfully developed by a research institute in the United States. The greatest advantage of this plastic film is that it can be decomposed into lactic acid, which is harmless to the environment

many enterprises manufacturing this kind of plastic film have not been able to skillfully apply it after purchasing the impact testing machine. The method is to first turn the waste potatoes formed in whey during cheese making into glucose syrup with enzymes, and then form a liquid containing lactic acid through bacterial fermentation. After the cheese in the liquid is separated by electroosmosis, it is heated to evaporate the water, leaving polylactic acid molecules that can be used to make films and coatings. The plastic film made in this way can be used as fresh-keeping bags and instead of packaging materials coated with polyethylene and waterproof wax. The use of concrete

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