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Potassium chloride: hit a new high in recent five years

potassium chloride: hit a new high in recent five years

January 8, 2019

in 2018, the domestic potash fertilizer market continued to rise amid doubts. Among them, the price of potassium chloride rose from 2050 yuan (ton price, the same below) at the beginning of January to about 2480 yuan at the end of December, reaching a new high in recent five years, with an increase of nearly 21%

Zhou Dongping, chairman of Hunan Toyota agricultural materials company: prices continued to rise

in 2018, the domestic potassium chloride market rose as a whole. At the beginning of the year, the price of 60% potassium chloride in Qinghai Salt Lake was 2150 yuan, and at the end of the year, it rose to 2420 yuan, an increase of 13%; At the beginning of 2018, the mainstream quotation of 62% white potassium at the port was 2200 yuan, and then it rose all the way, reaching 2450 yuan in April, Chinese coating coatingol C10. Size of pressure plate: it is customized according to the size of "disease" in the polyurea waterproof layer of the bridge deck

as the spring ploughing market came to an end, the price of potassium chloride fell back to 2300 yuan last May, and then fluctuated between 2300 and 2480 yuan

in August last year, driven by the rise in international potash prices, domestic potash began a new round of rise. By the end of the year, the price reached about 2600 yuan, which was also the highest price of the year, with an increase of more than 20%

compared with 2017, the average price of 60% potassium chloride in Qinghai Salt Lake in 2018 was 2289 yuan, an increase of 368 yuan or 19%; The average price of the mainstream quotation of 62% white potassium in the port was 2351 yuan, an increase of 329 yuan or 16% over 2017

Du Shuangjiang, analyst of China's fertilizer and potash Market: the market supply decreased

potash fertilizer was mainly up in 2018, and the most important support is "good future". Traders are reluctant to sell and shout up on the grounds of "tight international supply, large contract prices may rise", "good international situation, shipments to China may not be much faster", and "domestic potassium production may be greatly reduced", and the possible benefits in the future will drive market procurement and promote the rise of prices

from the perspective of production, Qinghai manufacturers were basically troubled by various quality defects of tensile testing machines in the late stage of equipment use almost all year round in 2018. They were troubled by mineral source problems and their output was affected. The output of potassium chloride in 2018 is estimated to be 1 million tons less than that in 2017

in terms of demand, although low grain prices have a certain negative impact on Farmers' fertilizer use, due to the relatively insufficient application of potassium fertilizer in China, the demand for potassium chloride in 2018 is not much different from that in 2017, at about 14million tons. At the same time, as the import volume is expected to decrease by about 200000 tons compared with 2017, the total inventory carried forward at the end of 2018 is about 2million tons, a decrease of 1million tons compared with 2017. The overall tight supply of goods in the market supported the rise in prices

guoshuhua, analyst of jinlianchuang chemical fertilizer: future high operation

from the perspective of the potassium chloride Market in 2019, the price will still operate at a high level

on the one hand, the international price of potassium chloride is at a high level. Affected by the import cost, the domestic market price will rise as a whole; On the other hand, domestic potash fertilizer enterprises are constrained by mineral resources, coupled with environmental protection and high pressure, and the supply may be reduced relative to 2018. In addition, the limited capacity release supports the upward price of domestic potassium chloride to a certain extent

in addition, at the end of 2018, there was not much carry over inventory of potassium chloride, and there was little market pressure, which also supported the price

however, it is noteworthy that the large potassium chloride contract is still incomplete until now, and the contracts for the first half of 2019 have not been signed with Canada and Russia. Whether the import volume in the first half of 2019 will hit a new high as in the previous two years has become a mystery. If the import volume is too large, it will inhibit the market

jinlianchuang predicts that in 2019, the price operation range of 62% white potassium in the port is 2200~2550 yuan, the price operation range of red powder potassium is 2150~2500 yuan, and the price operation range of large particle potassium fertilizer is 2250~2550 yuan. The arrival price range of 60% domestic potassium is 2200~2500 yuan; 62% of the border trade import potassium port price range is 2150~2450 yuan

in the potassium sulfate Market, shapeways announced that it would launch full-color plastic 3D printing materials, and the export tariff would be reduced from 600 yuan/ton in 2018 to zero in 2019. It is expected that the export volume will increase significantly. At present, China's potassium sulfate has serious overcapacity. Liberalizing exports will help alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand in the market and support prices

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