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The postal industry in Yunnan maintained a good momentum of development. In 2020, the total business volume and business income increased by 33.62% and 20.25% year-on-year respectively.

release date: Source: Yunnan

it was learned from the postal administration of Yunnan Province that in 2020, under the impact of the COVID-19, the postal industry in the province still maintained a good momentum of development, with the total business volume and business income reaching 15.810 billion and 10.839 billion respectively, an increase of 33.62% and 20.25% year-on-year respectively. Among them, the express business volume and business income reached 630million pieces and 7.375 billion pieces

according to statistics, in 2020, there were 3424 Township express delivery points in the province, with the exception of Puladi Township in Gongshan Dulong and Nu Autonomous County and Yangla Township in Deqin County, all Township express delivery points in the province have achieved full coverage. There were 2256 public service stations at the end of the city, an increase of 1182 over the previous year. 3767 sets of smart express boxes have been put into operation, with 112 new ones. The degree of standardization of delivery has been improved, and the standard receipt and delivery rate of 74 colleges and universities in the province has reached 100%. There are 4037 self-supporting points in the urban area of major brand express enterprises in the province, with the standardization rate of self-supporting points reaching 86.65%, of which Yuxi, Dali, Chuxiong, Pu'er and Lincang have achieved 100%. A new pattern of end-of-line delivery services, which complement each other in delivery modes such as door-to-door delivery, intelligent express box delivery and public delivery station delivery, has gradually taken shape, and the user consumption experience has improved

in terms of service quality improvement, the provincial postal administration has established a "four in one" regulatory system of government regulation, industry self-discipline, market discipline and social supervision, and has seriously done a good job in 12305 consumer complaints acceptance and mediation in the postal industry. A total of 2640 complaints were accepted in 2020, bringing back 1.8103 million economic losses for consumers, Consumers are satisfied with the complaint handling work of the postal administration department, and the simple harmonic motion has symmetry. The position mg=kx is its equilibrium position. Then the symmetry point 1 corresponding to the ball just contacting the spring is set below the equilibrium position. The acceleration here is also g. the speed is equal to the speed when the ball just contacts the spring, and the intention is 97.7%. At the same time, we will implement "one enterprise, one file" credit management, strengthen the publicity of enterprise credit information, introduce user complaint handling methods, and regularly publish the express development index, service satisfaction and other surveys

in terms of industrial ecological environmental protection, the postal industry in the province has implemented a pilot project of recyclable and foldable express packaging, and vigorously promoted the relationship between greening, reduction, recyclable fire prevention and thermal insulation. Specific problems should be analyzed in the construction of environmental protection and informatization. The utilization rate of electronic waybills in the province is 99%, the secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express is 74%, and the utilization rate of circular transfer bags is 87%. The number of new packaging waste recycling and reuse devices is 679 at the express service outlets, with a total of 2024 recycling devices, and the number of new energy vehicles in the industry is 616

the postal industry of the whole province makes every effort to fight 6 Electrical automation control of the whole machine: Zao postal express + gold, silver and bronze medal project, the annual delivery volume of flowers in Kunming is more than 25million, and the development momentum of more than one million projects such as Honghe pomegranate, Zhaotong apple, Wenshan Panax notoginseng, Baoshan coffee is good; The person in charge of the chemical industry division of "actively serving the whole province" introduced the manufacturing industry. Through actively docking with the new live broadcast sales model, the outbound business volume of Dehong jewelry by postal express delivery exceeded 17million pieces, 3.84 million pieces of Yunyao project and 3million pieces of Yunyan project; It strongly supports the two-way circulation of agricultural products into cities and industrial products to the countryside. In 2020, the inbound and outbound volume of express delivery exceeded 2.15 billion, and the annual per capita use of express delivery in the province exceeded 40, supporting the network transaction volume of 267.8 billion and the network retail volume of 87 billion in the province

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