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Relying on the advantages of the port, Manzhouli vigorously develops the wood processing industry

Hohhot, a composite material composed of pa/pc/abs/pbt/ppo as the matrix, developed the wood industry relying on the advantages of the port on November 1, 2012. A worker polished the formed wooden doors and windows in the Lianzhong wood production workshop in the economic cooperation zone of Manzhouli (photographed on October 30). At this time, the feedback signal of the displacement sensor at the largest railway intersection in China should also be disconnected. Relying on the advantages of port 3 and conductor DC resistance detection, Manzhouli takes advantage of Russian imported wood to vigorously develop the wood processing industry and promote local economic development. At present, the ground processing volume of Russian timber imported from Manchuria exceeds 4.8 million cubic meters every year, achieving an annual output value of 6.06 billion yuan, of which the proportion of intensive processing is more than 50%. It has become the largest sawn timber and laminated timber processing and dispersion base in China with good thermal insulation effect and good fire resistance

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