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Roland Mann and Ossi work together: when digital printing meets offset printing, digi:media Digital Media Forum will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from April 9 to 7. It is known as the innovation forum for the whole digital process chain under construction of the first bid section of the first phase project of Hangxiao steel structure. At this forum, Roland Mann will join hands with its strategic partner OSI for the first time. In addition, PPI media, a subsidiary of Roland Mann, also participated in the exhibition

the printing value-added chain is changing, such as cross media, application software, content, automatic drawing on the experimental machine, installation and protection of rubber fatigue experimental machine, convenient location management, workflow and software system development are increasingly becoming a part of the production process. The combination of offset printing elements and digital printing elements opens up new marketing channels for printing products. This requires a complete digital printing solution to ensure flexible transmission. Roland and Ossi are the first to introduce the combination of digital printing and offset printing in the market. The services provided by the two companies after forming strategic partners range from business consulting to the implementation and continuous support of the whole production cycle. This combines printing and data management, workflow, digital and offset printing, plus post press processing and printing material logistics. Customers benefit from the combination of personalized solutions and the entire value-added chain in the whole industrial scale printing

the world's first all digital solution for high-performance printing

customers visiting the booths of Roland, OSSY and PPI media companies can experience the innovation of digital products through interactive and multimedia demonstrations. This time, we will focus on the world's first all digital solution launched by Roland and Ossi, which is characterized by the combination of offset printing and digital workflow, plus digital printing system components (such as variable format folding) developed and integrated by Roland and and printing material flow solutions. The result of this development work is products in the field of book printing and commercial printing. It uses a new digital printing platform to show products to visitors. This exhibition will focus on the advantages and synergy of offset printing and digital printing, and show the highest quality and personalized intelligent combination. A new system solution that can digitally process advertising content and content in print, online and mobile media without failure emphasizes the groundbreaking core expertise of PPI media companies. One of the highlights: application in newspaper production

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