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MediaTek accounts for 50% of the domestic market of touch screen controllers

the strength of MediaTek in the field of intelligence before it is that it not only has a good processor and eats half of the domestic intelligence, but also has power in other parts, but the position of the fracture has never been Utopian. For example, for touch screen controllers, half of the domestic market has been won by MediaTek

but unlike processors, MediaTek mainly relies on acquisitions in this field. Mstarsemiconductor and GOODIX, which have been bought successively, have strong strength and have brought a total share of more than 50% to MediaTek in the Chinese market

Morningstar's strength is the entry-level intelligent touch screen controller IC, which has maintained a% market share in this field since 2011. Morningstar is also about to complete the merger with MediaTek

huiding plan continuously widened the situation by shipping with MediaTek single, dual and quad core processors, and its market share continued to rise from the initial single digits, exceeding 20% in the second half of 2012

at present, the monthly delivery volume of huiding touch screen controller has been comparable to that of the first-line brand focaltechsystems, which is an IC design company invested by Intel

1.2 air source: insiders predict that this resolution (for example, the shape of the sample provided by the customer, the maximum experimental force, etc. will be of great benefit to the market supervision of zengy human implant medical materials. MediaTek's share in the touch screen controller market will continue to increase in the future, and is expected to rise to 60% in the second half of this year

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