Most popular mechanical English words

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Common words in mechanical English

mechanical tool spanner wrench (beautiful work: wrench) double endedspanner double end wrench

adjustablespanner, monkeywrench adjustable wrench, adjustable wrench

semi automatic hob grinder semi-automatic bgrind reaches 3.125 times Er

semi automatic; Semi automatic wrench wrench

spare parts construction a safety and health assurance system focusing on 'raw and auxiliary material procurement - raw material account management - injection molding link risk control - factory safety and health control' spareparts side planer sideplaner gearbox transmissiongear

handle shaft arbor component u puts forward higher requirements for the friction coefficient of the film nits; Assemblyparts slottingmachine

disassembly todisassemble ultra high speed internal grinder

lathe; Turning lathe lathetool

wheel lathe the turning lathe

boxpanner pipe pliers (beautiful work: socketwrap) callipers caliper

pins, tongs pliers shears shears hacksaw

Wirecutters thread cutters multipositiepliers, Universalpliers universal pliers

adjustablepliers adjustable pliers punch punch drill chuck chuck chuck

scraper triangle scraper reamer callibergauge hole diameter gauge

drive rivet nut nut lock nut, lock nut bolt bolt 3 pointer zero position instability

pin, PEG, Dowel pin washer stapleu staple

oilcan oil pot Jack overalls greasegun oil gun

machining polishing mounting toassemble bushing shipping

semi mechanization; Semi mechanized


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