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The measurement and control technology and instrument major of Shanghai Jiaotong University received the professional certification of China Engineering Education

from November 11 to 14, the measurement and control technology and instrument professional engineering was called Qu qiangbi certification experts' entrance examination work officially started. The expert group headed by Professor Chen Xiangguang of China Engineering Education Association listened to the work report of Professor cuidaxiang, the head of the school's measurement and control technology anti pendulum impact experiment and instrument discipline, examined the talent training and school running conditions of measurement and control technology and instrument major, reviewed teaching and management materials, and had a discussion with teachers and students, graduates and representatives of employers. Finally, the examination will be beneficial to the school College and professional principals gave feedback. Xi Lifeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Guan Xinping, Dean of the school of electronic information and electrical engineering, attended the certification kick-off meeting and feedback meeting and delivered speeches. Heads of departments and departments of the University also attended the certification meeting

Xi Lifeng welcomed the evaluation experts on behalf of the school. Xi Lifeng pointed out that Jiaotong University, as a comprehensive research university specializing in engineering, has made great contributions to the development of higher engineering education and talent training in China. Standing at a new historical starting point, it also actively plays a demonstration and leading role in the construction of "new engineering". For this reason, Jiaotong University first tried. In 2014, it launched the Zhiyuan engineering honor plan, focusing on the growth of students, promoting the "four in one" talent training concept of knowledge exploration, capacity-building, personality cultivation and value guidance, further promoting it on the basis of pilot projects, and opening up talent training programs for all engineering disciplines in the University, Build a large platform for engineering and science. Pay attention to the cultivation of students' generous basic knowledge, engineering professional technical ability and engineering problem-solving ability, and cultivate interdisciplinary composite talents who can meet the needs of the future

Xi Lifeng also pointed out that Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the first universities in China to carry out instrument science and technology teaching and scientific research. In 1958, the specialty of precision instruments and machinery was established. From the perspective of discipline characteristics, the discipline of instruments is a typical cross engineering discipline, aiming to cultivate compound professionals with a strong foundation, a wide caliber and an international vision. It advocates that disciplines run majors, scientific research feed teaching, and aim at the international cutting-edge academic direction, Implement the training concept of "learning for application", teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and the employment rate has always been among the best in all majors in the school. Graduates are deeply welcomed and praised by the society. In recent years, under the framework of the University of engineering platform and engineering education certification, the instrument discipline has actively explored the new direction of discipline development and the new mode of talent training, and has made remarkable achievements. It has entered class a disciplines in the fourth round of discipline evaluation, and has initially established a three-dimensional talent training mode in line with the engineering education certification system. Of course, while seeing the achievements, we also know that there are still some places that are not fully adapted to and expected to be improved in the talent training of the instrument discipline in terms of engineering education certification. This expert's on-site inspection and guidance is a good opportunity for the instrument discipline to learn and improve. We hope that all experts will strictly check, give guidance, and promote reform and construction through evaluation, Make the instrument discipline effectively build an effective training system and quality monitoring system for engineering education, and improve the international recognition and competitiveness of the quality of instrument discipline engineering education in Shanghai Jiaotong University

on site inspection: Engineering Training Center

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on site inspection: professional laboratory

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on site inspection: Graduate interview

the expert group listened carefully to the work report of the professional leader from the aspects of professional background, student size, training objectives, graduation requirements, curriculum system, teaching staff, support conditions, continuous improvement measures, etc, Have a comprehensive understanding of the professional situation of measurement and control technology and instruments in our school. We consulted the written materials such as the engineering education certification self-evaluation report of the measurement and control technology and instrument specialty, examined the experimental centers of schools and colleges such as the engineering training center and the electrical engineering center, visited the measurement and control technology and instrument specialty laboratory, consulted the teaching and management materials, held discussions with teachers, education managers, students in school, alumni, representatives of employers, etc., and observed and examined the teaching situation of professional teachers. And the examination was fed back to the principals of the school, college and major

experts gave a high evaluation on the engineering education of measurement and control technology and instrument major in the school at the feedback meeting, which examined the use of synchronous sampling technology and digital time correction technology to make the performance of the experimental machine stable and reliable. They affirmed the practice of the major in the joint construction of practice bases by schools and enterprises, the design of teaching experiments based on scientific research achievements, the development of teaching equipment, and the quality control of graduation design. At the same time, it also puts forward pertinent opinions and suggestions on the standardization of management documents in engineering education, the supporting conditions of professional laboratories, and the support of project management and economic decision-making to the target point

Xi Lifeng thanked the experts for their work on behalf of the University at the certification feedback meeting. At the same time, he said that the university would carefully and continuously improve and improve the laboratory investment, quality control and standardization of teaching process, optimization of curriculum system, strengthening industry cooperation and increasing students' Enterprise Engineering Practice, etc. according to the opinions of experts. Further standardize the school running system, create new advantages in professional development, create new achievements in talent training, and write a new chapter in the development of measurement and control technology and instruments. Guan Xinping, President of the Institute of electric power, said that the Institute will vigorously support the standardization of instrument discipline and improve the undergraduate teaching and talent training system, and hopes that the instrument discipline will take this opportunity to promote construction and reform with evaluation, and reach a new level. Professor cuidaxiang, head of the instrument discipline, said that he would speed up the research on the problems fed back by experts, put forward rectification plans, and further improve and standardize the undergraduate teaching and talent training system. At the same time, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the school, college and functional departments for their years of support for the instrument discipline qb/t 3884 ⑴ 999

the members of the expert group are composed of experts and scholars from universities and enterprises. Guan Xinping, President of the Electric Power Institute, Yang Yifan, deputy secretary of the Party committee, heads and staff of relevant functional departments, principals of measurement and control technology and instruments, and teacher representatives participated in the certification and examination activities throughout the whole process. The certification kick-off meeting and feedback meeting were presided over by Deputy Secretary Yang Yifan


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