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Will all companies become network companies in the future

when authorities say that every company is a technology company, it sounds like nonsense with popular words. But later, people realized that the experimental machine sold well overseas, and our Jinan trial fund was still in Jinan. Few manufacturers realized that it was true. Now, if all industries from media to retail want to succeed, they must treat technology as a core competitiveness

in terms of network security, the same situation may come true again. In the past, only a few banks, such as banks and technology, need to take safety as the foundation of their work. Now, to meet the performance requirements of automotive plastic parts; So will everyone else. Do you still have any doubts? Look at the blackmail software that paralyzed many hospitals and FedEx and other large companies around the world last Friday. If they had upgraded their windows system before, they might be able to prevent this attack

being good at network security may not give the company an advantage in market competition, but it can prevent the outbreak of security disasters. In fact, it is equally important. The question is how to do this

Oren falkowitz, CEO of area 1, an anti phishing service company, and others insist that technology is the best way to maintain network security. They believe that it is unrealistic to train everyone in the company to be good at network security. At the same time, cloudflare and other companies suggest adopting methods applicable to the whole industry, such as the initiative of establishing VPN like protection for Internet of things, which can reduce the risk of connected devices

these methods are all good, but I think corporate culture must also become an integral part of them. Recalling the past, media practitioners once safely ignored new technologies (why should I write that I'm a writer!), But now the media believes that scientific and technological literacy is the core requirement of this profession

I can feel that the same thing will happen again on the issue of network security. The occurrence of so many network disasters is due to people's lack of basic awareness of updating software or checking email attachments. In a successful enterprise in the future, all employees may need to understand the basic knowledge of networking

of course, it's easier said than done. But now, enterprises and institutions have no choice

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