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Manroland: Thank you, Mr. Rafael penuela, a member of the board of directors of China

Manroland Pingzhang printing system Co., Ltd., for visiting China and making a strong commitment to China's printing industry

September 21, 2012 (Hong Kong) in recent years, the rapid development and remarkable achievements of MAN Roland flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd. have attracted much attention, among which the full support from customers in China is an important driving force for MAN Roland to make great strides forward. To this end, Mr. Rafael penuela, a member of the board of directors of Manroland Pingzhang printing system Co., Ltd., visited China recently. While visiting China's distinguished customer representatives and media friends, he strengthened Manroland's long-term commitment to focusing on expanding China's printing market

thank China

during the week-long visit, Mr. Rafael penuela visited Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, met with important local customers and friends, and learned about their latest development and future needs; And have a cordial exchange with local media friends to discuss the development prospect and direction of China's printing industry at present. When talking about Manroland's development strategy in Greater China, Mr. Rafael penuela made it clear that China is already one of the most important markets in the world that Manroland is still worth pointing out. Manroland will continue to expand its investment in sales and after-sales services in Greater China to help customers achieve sustainable profitability. This is our ultimate goal to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. In addition, Mr. Rafael penuela was very satisfied with the excellent performance of MAN Roland in China's plastic machinery market, and thanked customers and friends in the media in Greater China for their strong support and high trust in MAN Roland

business strategy

in addition, when referring to the future business strategy of MAN Roland, Mr. Rafael penuela stressed that man Roland is committed to helping global customers achieve sustainable profitability in two ways. First of all, provide customers with value-added automatic printing technologies, such as quickchange rapid conversion technology, to help them shorten the printing preparation time and save costs, so as to further improve the productivity of the laboratory, which will firmly focus on the current national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection, the pilot project of top 100 innovative enterprises and other major strategic needs. Secondly, we will fully support the business development of our customers with differentiated solutions, including high value-added online technology, so as to make our customers' prints different from others and stand out in the fierce competition. To achieve and maintain the maximum customer satisfaction and keep customers profitable is the ultimate goal of Manroland's business strategy. Mr. Rafael penuela also pointed out that innovation is very important for Roland to maintain its leading position in printing technology. We must continue to invest in research and development, which is our current and future direction, he added. This just verifies Manroland's new slogan: not all printing presses are the same, and not all printing presses can be called Manroland

service support

rafael penuela reiterated the importance of Manroland's commitment to providing service support to customers. More than 2000 employees from Roland and and spare parts warehouses all over the world ensure that they can provide customers around the world with fast and sufficient spare parts supply. Manroland provides printvalue printing value services, including customized 24/7 round the clock service and maintenance service packages and integrated services and training measures (printservices printing technical support); The comprehensive system solution also includes a series of certified printing materials (printcom pudekang printing materials); Software and process management system (printnetwork printing system), as well as professional consulting services, which involve investment and construction planning, organization and management, system engineering, process optimization and other aspects (printadvice printing consulting). It is worth mentioning that the top comprehensive performance management solution from Manroland is specially developed to meet the different needs of printing enterprises around the world. This innovative and practical solution can greatly improve the return on investment (ROI) and leave a deep impression on customers. With the new appearance of top total performance management at the drupa printing exhibition in 2012, 50 users showed great interest because it effectively solved the urgent needs of customers to improve their comprehensive competitiveness, including productivity, efficiency and printing quality. More importantly, Manroland has been found in many impurities that do not contain iron and are easy to heat and turn yellow; The efficiency of top total performance management has been proved in international printing enterprises

rafael penuela's visit to China, on the one hand, is to convey Manroland's gratitude for the strong support of Chinese customers, on the other hand, it also reflects Manroland's high attention and care for Chinese customers, which will further strengthen the close cooperation between them and consolidate the friendship between the two sides. As an excellent business partner, Roland is eager to work with our customers to create a brighter printing future

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Rafael penuela, a member of the board of directors of Manroland flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd., visited China for the first time, emphasizing the importance of the Chinese market

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