Improvement of ethanol yield of rice straw by pret

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Sodium carbonate pretreatment improves the ethanol yield of rice straw

on November 11, researchers from Isfahan University in Iran announced that they had adopted a new sodium carbonate pretreatment method to make the hydrolysis yield of rice straw reach 97%, and 1 kg of rice straw could produce 175 grams of ethanol

it is reported that the performance of this experimental machine is much higher than that of the previous experimental machine. The straw is pretreated in a high-pressure reactor. The best pretreatment condition is 0.5 mole of sodium carbonate. The mechanical property indexes are tested and analyzed at 180 ℃ for 120 minutes. This pretreatment will increase the released glucose from 9.5g/l (untreated straw) to 43.5g/l (after straw treatment). The innovation center will seize the great opportunity of Gongyi to build a 100 billion aluminum industrial base, and the ethanol output will be increased from 90.2g/l to 351.4g/l. This method can also significantly reduce the content of lignin and xylan. At the same time, the crystallization of cellulose also makes cellulose type I transform into type II, and cellulose type II is more suitable for enzymatic hydrolysis

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